10 tips for staying visitors put to an E-commerce website

  • June 2nd 2012

An e-commerce website becomes a rewarding affair for a business when visitors flock to it on a regular basis. With more visitors, the website easily meets its purpose and targets by converting prospects into sales. On contrary, an e-commerce website with no visitors won’t perform well and might end up being only a showpiece. In this article, we would discuss 10 tips for staying visitors put to an e-commerce website. 

Sensible & attractive design

If an e-commerce website does not have sensible and attractive design, it is bound to suffer the prospects of dwindling visitors. Many a time, a bad graphic design is tried to match with the level and interest of the website, but of no avail. If the design is not complementing the nature of the business, if the navigation is not spot-on, and if the relevancy is absent, the website is surely going to suffer a lot.

Helpful site usability

Visitors are like prospects as they can be converted into sales with good treatment and facilities at the site. Here facility means usability of the site, as visitors expect the site to perform expediently to let them make the transaction. By giving a clear purpose to the site, by arranging products and information at the right places, and by enabling a hassle-free transaction, an e-commerce website can add value to its overall purpose.

Smooth shopping ride

An e-commerce website which enables a smooth shopping ride to its customers would definitely perform better. Every customer/ visitor expects the site to be easy-going and without any visible hassles and hence, hassles must be removed to add to the joy of the visitors. A website should neither ask too much information, nor put somewhat puzzled navigation structure, as both exhaust the comfort level of shoppers.

Retrieving fewer information from visitors

Visitors don’t like to be asked too much questions and information while making a transaction on a website. If they are forced, it’s likely that they won’t stay put there for a while, or more so, won’t return never again. An e-commerce website is supposed to ask few simple questions or information from visitors to let them in for a smooth transaction. Asking for too much might force them to switch to the next available option around.

Treating them professionally

Customers always like to be treated or pampered while shopping as it’s an age-old practice. Once they enter the site, they must be instructed properly to complete the transaction without any hiccup. Simple navigation, stand-out instructions and easily-accessible communication tools are some of the ways to treat them professionally. After all, they have come to shop at you and hence, must be pampered at every stage to lead them towards the shopping.

 Clearly visible search option

By having a clearly visible search option at the appropriate place, an e-commerce website does justice to its reputation. The search option offers ease of navigation and saves a lot of precious time of the visitors. More so, the search option easily takes visitors through diverse product categories, sub-categories, grids and classifications. In the absence of a search options, visitors are forced to locate the choice of product from the range of thousands.

Not harassing visitors for registration

Here the term harassment is true only in the literal sense which suggests the uncalled for attempts by the website to register visitors. Forcing customers to register or giving them too much information to fill, or taking more time than the usual are all those unspecified practices that harass the visitors. An e-commerce website rather should leave it on the customers to decide what they want to do, rather than forcing them.

Clearly noticeable Checkout Button

An e-commerce website is supposed to have a clearly noticeable checkout button for ease of shoppers. If the checkout button is not clearly directed to, visitors can’t be contained for too long. If hassle-free experience is indeed the must-have aspect of an online store, checkout button must be visible so that shoppers don’t have a tough time out there.

Fewer categories are helpful

Having fewer categories on an e-commerce website is helpful as it saves visitors a lot of inconveniences. When products and services run into thousands, having a reasonable number of categories is ok, not taking the number of categories into hundreds are definitely not a good ploy. If products are categorized sensibility, an uneasy situation for visitors could be avoided.

Up-to-minute information

An e-commerce website is supposed to provide only the up-to-minute information to its customers. All the information of product, service or anything else must be correct to the time. The stock inventory information, the availability of product information, the charges etc must be according to the existing time frame. Otherwise shoppers would instantly switch to another existing site for the transaction.


An e-commerce website which follows the norms of conditions of attracting visitors often does good business. As a result, a website must stick to the basics to give a new edge to the business to witness jump in the sales and revenues. This article has listed 10 tips for staying visitors put to an e-commerce website, and invites users to add more to the list.

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