5 Best Drupal Open Source CMS Modules

  • March 22nd 2012

Drupal is an excellent open source CMS which was recently launched. This Open source CMS can achieve better fit for a website from necessary modules. An open source CMS provides content management for free and is better than a third party service provider in being cost effective. The 5 best modules are being discussed in the article.


This module is a static plugin for Drupal where it enhances and increases the site scalability where it receives highly anonymous traffic. It is easy to install, fast regeneration for a faster speed in loading. Also includes shared hosting for improving performance.

Boost Module

Preview for Boost Module

Plupload Integration

This module for the Drupal site is a multiple integrating tool and licensed uploading tool. This tool can upload plugins for the site as one node per image. This it can achieve by being integrative from   Flash, Gears, HTML 5, Silverlight, Browser Plus, and HTML4.

Plupload Integration Module

Preview for Plupload Integration Module

Apache Solr Search Integration

Apache solr is a replacement for core search and provides a dynamic search from extra features and better performance. It is better from achieving a faceted search where it is able to produce results by shifting the search load from PHP + SQL to another separate server.

Apache Solr Search Integration Module

Preview for Apache Solr Search Integration Module

Page Title

The Page title Module is for obtaining a granular or effective control on website or page title. This is used on SERPs (search engine result pages) and it can also increase a website SEO. Title can be changed by specifying the content structure, creation pages and specifying the title separately from content title.

Page Title Module

Preview for Page Title Module

Path Redirect

This module allows for a redirection of the path to another path for an external URL and may involve using of an HTTP redirected status.

Path Redirect Module

Preview for Path Redirect Module


The 5 best Drupal CMS modules have been discussed in the article. Drupal open source CMS modules have generally the typical variety in features but lesser number of such features within each module. Readers are invited to add their views and /or comments regarding the article.

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