7 top-rated security extensions for Joomla

  • March 19th 2013

Joomla is popular open source CMS that is enables the creation of secure and powerful online applications. Websites and applications based on Joomla are deemed secure as there are hundreds of security extensions available. If these extensions are used appropriately, a Joomla website then becomes a secure platform to do business and achieve targets. In this write up, we discuss 10 top-rated security extensions for Joomla, like:

Admin Tools Professional


Admin Tools Professional is a site protection module for Joomla that is very popular and top-rated. Using this module, the admin is restricted with a secret and secure URL parameter. It works as a firewall to block aspects like XSS, DFI uploads scanner etc. Besides doing IP Blacklisting, this plugin also enables IP White-listing for the admin section.

OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!

OSE Anti-Hacker for Joomla

OSE Anti-Hacker is a top-rated component for Joomla that reduces chances of hacking. Using this component, the admin finds it easy to face attacks to add to the safety of the website. It works totally in Ajax-powered in the backend so that the level of security always remains higher. It not only helps to avoid false alerts, but also gives the facility to change the security level in the configuration section.



RSFirewall! is a top-rated Joomla plugin that works to secure the website from various unwanted sources. Rated as the most advanced security service, this plugin can be used to protect a Joomla website from hacking dangers. With the active scanner, any intrusion would be tracked down to lend security to the website. A website that has been set in the Lock-down mode would always remain secure from all hacking issues.

Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Dackup

Akeeba Backup is a top-rated and very useful component of Joomla for back-up purposes. Using this open-source backup component, users or admins can easily create the backup for a website that would be placed on a server. With this component, creating a full backup of a Joomla site in a single archive has become a reality for users and admin. More so, server timeouts would never appear to bother, and that’s a wonderful aspect of this component.


Admin Exile

AdminExile is a top-rated security plugin for Joomla that also deals with the issue of hacking. Using this plugin, the admin gets the opportunity to redirect the wrong entries to the homepage to escape the danger of hacking. It means the admin can add an access key to the URL so that the prospect of hacking is eliminated. Not only the redirects, it also denies access to the front-end for the security purposes.

Encrypt configuration

Encrypt Configuration

Encrypt Configuration is another site protection plugin for Joomla that is used in the place of SSL. This plugin utilizes RSA to encrypt passwords for enhanced security; more so, it also used to encrypt any selected data a user wants to protect. In a nutshell, this plugin is used so that hackers can never get an unauthorized entry into the backend.

EasyCalcCheck PLUS


EasyCalcChekc PLUS is a top-rated Joomla plugin that comes under the category of captcha. Using this plugin, it’s easy to protect the core forms of Joomla; more so, it also helps in the protection with the integration of anti-spam services. The backend is protected with the help of a token when this plugin is used.


Joomla is an open source CMS that is used for a range of websites and powerful online applications. In terms of security, this CMS is second to none as there are many security and protection extensions available. This article lists 10 top-rated security extensions for Joomla and invites users to add more to the list to secure the Joomla website.

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