9 important points to consider before a Drupal website launch

  • March 16th 2012

Launching your Drupal website is a great occasion as it marks the opening of a business. Every possible step is taken to ensure that the launch of the website brings expected results. If best of results are needed, some important points have to be considered. In this article, we would discuss 9 important points to consider before a Drupal website launch.

Broken links

Broken links in your website would be detrimental to the overall potential of the website. If not detected and corrected timely, such links will harm the website in many ways. It’s fairly easy to find and check broken links with the help of free online tools. So never allow your website to be launched with broken links, as it might hurt business prospects.


CSS and HTML validation is also important before launching your Drupal website. If this validation is not done, your website would never perform optimally and hence, its potential would never be realized. The process of validation brings reliability and security benefits to a website. Many online tools are available to validate the CSS and HTML of a Drupal website.


A sitemap is an essential element of any website for giving it more visits and search engine attention. Having a sitemap enables acute rankings and visibility benefits to a website. Before launching your Drupal website, make sure that there is a sitemap in place. If not kept, the rankings would never be good, and users’ interests would also dip down gradually.

Browser support

Your Drupal website would benefit immensely if it opens equally to all popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, chrome, Firefox, Opera. If such happens, its reach and accessibility would be higher and bigger to benefit it more. So a website’s coding must be done in manner to support multiple browsers and this aspect should be checked at the time of launch.

OS support

A website would gain tremendously when it’s compatible with some well-known OS like Windows, Mac and Linux etc. If any of these operating systems is not supported by your Drupal website, then it won’t be able to benefit in the long run. So at the time of lunch, you have to check its OS support to put it in the midst of benefits.


Your Drupal website can assess the performance, movement and activities of its users with the help of analytics. This program helps a website to track the overall activities of users on the website. Many websites put analytics so that they can analyze the movement of users to bring changes for benefits.  At the time of launch, you should check about the availability of analytics.

Server issues

Only a reliable and performance-driven serve should be chosen for the website. Factors like bandwidth, speed, downtime & uptime and reliability are considered for the server. An overloaded and slow will impact the business in a big way. So at the time of launch, it’s important to sort out server issues to get the better results.

Page load

A website with faster page load brings a range of benefits to the business. Attempts must always be made to get fast page load to achieve such benefits. An overloaded website where heavy video file, fat animations and lengthy flash designs have been used won’t benefits a bit. These aspects should be checked at the time of launching your Drupal website.

Originality & copyright

Originality is another vital aspect which must be looked into before launching a website. The content or texts should never be duplicated or copied from any other source. If such is done, your website would never realize its optimum potential as its rankings would suffer. No aspect like texts, images, logos, ideas etc are supposed to use directly from other source.


Your Drupal website would enable many benefits once it considers important issues at the time of launch. If mentioned issues are ignored at the time of launch, no website will grow beyond a point. This article has listed 9 important points to consider before a Drupal website launch, and invites users to add to the list.

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