Acquia brings Cloud Media Management and open WEM for Drupal users

  • November 2nd 2012

Acquia is the company created by Dries Buytaert, the brain behind Drupal, one of the most prominent CMSes in the world. The main objective behind establishing Acquia was to get the project that offers hosting and support, monetized. And, just a few days back, the company has come up with a beta version of its latest service known as Acquia Media Cloud, and also released another edition of Drupal Commons, social business software, which comes packed with a bunch of add-ons that helps create strong community websites.

With the help of Acquia Media Cloud one can create engaging digital content and campaigns, and socialize with them on multiple community platforms and channels. By using this latest offering from Acquia, one can also manage digital assets, like videos, images and other files. With the launch of this innovative service, Acquia is competing with the Google Drive, Dropbox, and other similar services dealing in cloud based file hosting/collaboration services. The Acquia Media Cloud includes Open APIs, High Performance, HA file system and Media module support, wherefrom the user can integrate existing media asset libraries and enterprise data systems with Drupal websites, manage assets in a fully redundant and quite available file system built on Amazon.

The Open Web Experience Management or openWEM is one of the parts of the Acquia Media Cloud, providing the marketers with an unsurpassed flexibility to swiftly optimize the mix of content, community and commerce on their websites and transform probable customers into dedicated and engaged consumers.

In a recent statement, Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia, stated that, the company’s OpenWEM provides digital marketers and IT organizations with a better option to proprietary WEM solutions that are indolent in acclimatizing to the ever changing business requirements, and move ahead with the time and speed of the social web.

The openWEM offers a variety of options in each of its three segments-:

  • The Content Segment- It provides a user with options, like personalized content, localized content, multi-channel content and content analysis. With personalized content one can deliver a personalized content and campaigns that can persuade users to perform actions. The option multi-channel content gives its user a flexibility to make deeper customer connections, which eventually helps in constructing brand loyalty and awareness across multiple channels, devices and geographies. And, the content analytics lets the user create an effective cycle of user engagement, which helps measuring and refining the acquired data points and interactions on social channels to evince the context of the consumer at all times.

  • The Community Segment- Just like the content section, this also offers four unique options, and they are Social Marketing, Social CRM, Social Intranet and Communities for Innovation. The social marketing channel lets you create a strong brand by impressing your consumers with better social engagement online. With social CRM, you can track your consumers on multiple social communities, which will help you improve your support and self-service. This also helps you in recognizing who your loyal customers are and you can also reward them while interacting with them.

  • The Commerce Segment- With communities for innovation and social intranet, you can make most of the engagement with external stakeholders, which includes customers, partner and developer communities that will drive innovation by linking experts with experts, and take employee collaboration and engagement to the next level via deep social connections, turning your thoughts into action.

All in all, the entire motive behind this innovative technology is to make your social engagement more rewarding and results oriented, which turns the social interaction into sales, and give your consumers a unique shopping experience.

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