Advantages of CSS3 over CSS

  • July 17th 2012

CSS3 a new version of CSS or cascading stylesheet benefits from technical features and properties. From better maintenance, loading speed, and layout design properties CSS3 is much more versatile. Designers get to implement the design elements from CSS3 in a simpler manner. In this article, we would discuss the advantages of CSS3 over CSS.

Multi column layout

The CSS3 is beneficial over CSS as it has multi column layouts without use for multiple divS. Following the use of CSS3 the browser would accept the properties and create columns. These layouts are supported by safari 3, safari 4 and firefox 1.5.

Multiple backgrounds

CSS3 adds multiple layered backgrounds to an element using multiple properties. This property from CSS3 adds to a visual programmer or designer’s workflow. The property also helps in reducing the markup for the design. There is a significant reduction to the workflow effort.

Text shadow

The text shadow property from CSS3 is a widely accepted advantage for web designers. The property provides web designers with the ability to have a cross browser tool. This property adds dimensions to designs and makes text stand out. The text then has added depth and dimension.


This technology brings the custom embed to fonts easily for the designer. The property brings better typography to web design and also makes the attribute usable in practice. This is one of the more highly anticipated properties.

Border Radius

The border- radius property provides a curved corner to all the background images. This is one of the most widely used properties. The web design that results is cleaner and the development process for design is more efficient. The property is not critical to design, yet is an important facet to design process and development.

Border Image

The property for border image indicates the image of the border for an element. This property would give a consistency to design elements with scaling and tiling of the borders. Although not a highly sought after design property, this property further amplifies border image styling.

Box shadow

The property adds a shadow to the design without extra markup and background images. The box shadow enhances the design details without affecting content readability. The box shadow adds further multiple values while the horizontal and vertical offsets as also shadow colors are more commonly used.

Box Sizing

The property is especially useful in subtracting padding and border to a specified height and width. From this property the designer gets to know the exact specifications to the browser calculations of width and height of an element.

Media queries

The property for the media queries defines different styles for different devices based upon their capabilities. A very useful property as the designer would not essentially have to write separate style sheets for different devices. Also no javascript would be required to assess the capabilities and properties of user’s browser.

File size and loading time

CSS3 prevails over CSS as a much better language for supporting faster loading time. The CSS3 language builds upon a better file handling and while the faster load time is important for the website with higher traffic. Here the effect for loading time compounds further and benefits the web designer.


CSS3 is important and advantageous over CSS from updations and future proofing the websites from a maintenance perspective. Numerous website features like rebuilding and resizing, updating appropriate properties and uploads are maintained effectively.


CSS3 is more advantageous over CSS with a number of add-on properties. Most of these properties are a benefit to the web designer and programmer. In this article, we have discussed the advantages of CSS3 over CSS. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.

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