Benefits of Joomla CMS for business websites

  • April 11th 2012

Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) extensively used for a range of websites and online applications. From among the available free CMSs, Joomla stands out for premium features and unmatched flexibility. With loads of extensions and easy availability of free & premium themes, the majority has started using Joomla for their varied needs. Using Joomla brings in many benefits, and this article lists some of those benefits, like:

No Licensing issues or fees

Unlike other software programs, there are no licensing issues for a business using Joomla CMS. Being the open source software, it’s acceptable to make basic changes to the code of this software and take use for specific needs. A business website is no longer required to pay any fees or charges for ease of use.

Easy Management

Easy management is one of many benefits that Joomla CMS provides to users and webmasters. It’s extremely easy to install and set-up Joomla even without much of technical knowledge. Right after the installation, anyone can easily edit, update and manage the content, images and data for smooth operation of the website.

Easy availability of Components & Modules

Joomla is not only a popular CMS but also very flexible at the same time and hence, it offers the opportunity of adaptability. Its extremely flexible modular architecture ensures need and slots for modules and components. This kind of enhanced flexibility means the market would be replete with modules and components to easily meet varied specific needs, either personal or professional.

Templates and themes

The best part of Joomla CMS is the easy availability of free and premium templates in thousands. It means your website always has the choice to switch over to the best-looking templates with loads of features. The widespread availability of templates enables more frequent usages and popularity for Joomla CMS.

Marketing Benefits

Joomla CMS is SEO friendly as thus, websites and applications using it are more likely to get higher rankings than the rest. The built-in SEO functionality enables more SERPs which means more visibility to the website. More visibility means more traffic generation and that would lead to more prospects and then ultimately, more sales.

Multiple Language Support

With Joomla CMS, running multi-lingual web sites would be a reality. A business with operations to far-off places would immensely take benefits out of this feature. A business can use multiple language support to spread the reach to easily communicate with customers.


Joomla is constantly growing in stature as a powerful CMS with loads of features and easy manageability to users. A range of benefits get accrued to those using the Joomla CMS. This article lists some of benefits of using Joomla CMS; we also invite users to add to the list to make Joomla even more popular.

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