BlueHost Joomla Hosting Review

  • June 18th 2012

Bluehost as the largest hosting company formed in 1996 provides hosting for Joomla powered website. This web hosting from bluehost provides an effective price, value based additions for web scripts, CGI (common gateway interface) a method for web server software for generating web pages to executable files  and email.  Efficient additional value from pricing is also included.


Joomla has been written in PHP running from MySQL database. Bluehost hosting exceeds minimum of the essential requirement to run on Joomla. The hosting package supports PHP5, My SQL 5, Apache 2.x and FastCGI. FastCGI is an important feature for running Joomla faster. The hosting utilizes a web server cache for fast functioning of Joomla.

Technical support

Bluehost hosting is the only shared web hosting service for dedicated customer services and support. The technical support happens from a pre-owned data center. All the technical support staff are deployed for configuring Joomla or for changing it for a web hosting environment. Technical staff are more experienced in solving technical queries.

Price versus Value

The bluehost hosting for Joomla includes professional hosting package, with free domain, unlimited disk space, monthly bandwidth and email accounts as well. This hosting comes priced for a monthly 6.95$ regular. Bluehost hosting with great value additions for Joomla is thus priced effectively.

Bluehost speed

The bluehost hosting for Joomla is a fast speed hosting with included own data centers. Within the data centers the 4 separate physical fibre lines brought directly through two diverse entrances with access to all major IP and transit providers.

Website scripts

The function for website scripts uses the easy to use ‘simplescripts’ to make installation for websites easier and quicker. The add-on features for blogs, content, business tools, education, forums, guestbooks and many other utilities provide unlimited possibilities for websites.


The bluehosts email accounts are bundled with reliable and easy to use accounts as well. Setting the email account from setup domains and email addresses with outlook, outlook express and thunderbird as webmail is easily integrated from Bluehost. This hosting service also includes mail forwarding, anti spam and mailing lists. These email accounts are all secure and effective for personal and business purposes.

CGI and databases

Bluehost offers hosting space for large number of databases for each hosting account. Tools managing the database for MySQL and PostgreSQL like the phpMyadmin, CGI center offer greater control over website design.


The bluehost hosting solutions come integrated from well known shopping carts software – Magento, cubecart, zencart and many others. Sales of products and services online from these e-commerce payment sites are profitable and bring more confidence to website designers.

Customer services

Bluehost customer services forms an essential and important aspect to hosting. The customer services comprise trained and experienced site staff. It offers a help desk with informative tutorials and videos for hosting a website.

Web builders

Blue host provides a number of website design options. Web templates and theme designs use softwares like the Soholaunch, Zazavi, Trendysitebuilder and Concrete 5 that provide CMS and website building.


Bluehost hosting for a Joomla website provides all necessary updates for Joomla hosting. These features of Bluehost hosting include benefits of website design, scripts, ecommerce and database for a Joomla site.

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