Choices for incorporating Quickbooks with MagentoGo

  • January 22nd 2013

Been around for a good year and a half now, it’s now that Magento Go is truly on a roll. From smaller firms and organizations to bigger conglomerates, everybody seems to be heading the Magento Go way. But even then, the requirements of the businesses are always incessant. It is due to this enterprise platform by Magento that it has catered to the wants of the organizations that require features like-auditing administrator actions, user level authorizations, content staging and other things.

Although, it had made a lot of things quite simple many web marketers had faced tough times too. But that very trouble is faced by other eCommerce platforms also; like integrating the platform with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It is mostly left upon the third parties to develop them.

However, significant breakthroughs have been made now but the most common among them remains QuickBooks- A secure online accounting package that keeps your business organized at a single spot. Even though it’s quite popular in the United States, it does have a few limitations for incorporating with Magento.

Let’s go over a few existing options that may be good for entrepreneurs to incorporate with QuickBooks.

Currently used QuickBooks to Magento Integrations

Magento Data Link– Apparently the first ‘straight’ synchronizing between Quickbooks and Magento, Magento Data Link lacks in the accessible information about it. It neither has a review nor documentation, in fact no screenshots too (on top of it people constantly bicker about its prices).

T-Hub – Created by Atandra Systems, it was an option that was there for Quickbooks integration from the beginning. Barring the support provided by the company (which is not to be relied upon), the prominence of the firm guarantees you a favorable option to consider for not just integrating Quickbooks but also perking up the order fulfillment process. It’s not a straightforward integration of Quickbooks and might involve more functionality any time soon. It does have the ability to sync data between the applications.

Magento Order Export Module– The extension by Magento enables you to bring out XML as well as CSV formatted order information, so it can be processed by hand or else imported into numerous diverse backend apps. Even though, it is needed to be worked on manually; to get your order data in Quickbooks- it is a feasible option.

Stone Edge Order Manager– Quite a known option in the realm of order fulfillment for medium and small sized firms, it also offers a beta edition that could be an explanation to incorporate Magento with order fulfillment and likewise backend incorporation in Quickbooks.

eCC– A late entrant in the market, it was created by Webgility. This one too goes farther than being merely a Quickbooks integration. It has got a complete set of order fulfillment. It can be easily configured to avoid ‘shipping’, so users don’t have to go through those steps. This straightaway leads you to integrate with Magento. Being comparatively new to the market, it has been going all out in aiming at the retailers, who’re desperate for an answer to their integration as well as order fulfillment troubles. The best part being their service is absolutely brilliant and they make no compromises with quality. In contrast to Atandra, it can be said that through their documentation and the videos, it’s apparent that Webgility has put their heart and soul into the product.


Although, above presented options are alright for integrating Magento Go with Quickbooks, not a single one out of them is an automated, seamless answer. In the recent times, the eCommerce development community has tried to take certain initiatives, but most of them have turned out as costly affairs for the clients. Besides, there aren’t any known development firms that have stepped into this realm yet.

Incorporating integration software is a tricky area and is laced with challenges. The trouble with them has been rated as the most encountered one by the Magento clients. Also it isn’t exclusive to just Magento, it’s there with every eCommerce platform. And as of now, most of these mid as well as small segment eCommerce firms are dependent on 3rd party software (such as Stone Edge and T-Hub).

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