Drupal 8 Advocates Responsive Design

  • September 5th 2012

No doubt, with the growing trend of mobile web users, the need for responsive web design has been in high demand. A mobile friendly website that adapts itself with the screen resolution of a mobile device and is crafted using the best CMS platform not only invites users to have a glance across it, but also increases the revenue of the eBusiness owners by selling goods across the globe using various devices. A good responsive design, compatible across various mobile devices, should also be compatible across various browsers of the world that supports HTML5 markup languages and CSS3 stylesheets.

However, if we talk about mobile friendly open source Content Management System that supports responsive design, then Drupal 8 will be an ideal CMS to consider with its extraordinary modules like : responsive images, mobile tool, domain access, etc., that can work as great mobile solutions. The platform boasts of a number of techniques that supports easy development of mobile friendly websites, applications as well as mobile specific themes.

Elements of Drupal 8 for building Responsive Design

Unable to find mature tools for designing mobile friendly designs, today, most of the web developing giants are looking for CMS integration in their designs for impeccable plug-ins and extensions, which enhances the functionality of the website. This will help the developers to figure out some of the best tools for building responsive designs using the upcoming version 8 of Drupal Content Management System, who till now had been developing their own tools. Here are some of the elements that the CMS provides for crafting a fruitful responsive design with 100% customer satisfaction, apart from providing a consistent mobile approach to its users.

  • Responsive Drupal 8 themes: Developed using a single HTML5 source that uses CSS3 based media queries so it can run smoothly across different devices, a responsive theme forms the basic elements of a mobile website design. By limiting the number of its vast desktop functionalities, use of a mobile friendly theme saves a lot of time and effort for the developers, providing accuracy to their mobile design. The Drupal 8 Design Initiative has been playing a great role in developing responsive web designs and themes that are compatible with Drupal 8 platform.

  • Web services for integration of native applications that runs efficiently on iOS and Android driven devices.

  • HTML5 features for developing HTML5 driven web applications to run across all mobile browsers. Drupal 8 aims at converting all Drupal themes and templates by using HTML5, so it becomes easier for the developers to develop mobile friendly web applications.

  • Access to Mobile friendly Drupal administration: The ugly themes of Drupal 6 have already created a negative impact of the CMS on the web developers. And now if the developers restrict the access to the back-end capabilities of the CMS like, form submission, form creation, changes in the toolbar, heading, theme, etc., then it may lead to abandonment of the CMS by its users. Hence, Drupal 8 will include an administrative panel for the mobile users, from where they can control the entire website and its functionalities.

  • Enhancement of front-end performance: Logically speaking a slow loading website is bound to have less visits than a faster loading website irrespective of its platform. Hence, Drupal 8 has taken the initiative to speed up the performance of its Responsive design providing an impeccable browsing experience to its users. It is generally seen that it’s due to the large image put on the website, that takes more than the expected time to load, but a responsive design adjusts each design and picture instantly according to the screen resolution of the mobile device thereby minimizing the loading time.


With Drupal 8’s main motive to convert the entire Drupal Content management System, into a leading mobile platform, it is needless to quote that we are going to witness some interesting moments ahead of us as far as Drupal and responsive design are concerned. Drupal 8 mobile initiative will be able to provide some rich mobile experience to its users irrespective of the devices they use.

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