Drupal Modules: Top 5 Security Modules to Safeguard Your Website

  • June 4th 2013

Making a website is easy as there are plenty of ‘Do it Yourself’ or DIY tools that bring all things right at your doorstep. However, making a highly secured website has never been easy. But still, Drupal, one of the top most content management systems, is considered as the most secured platform to develop a website on. But recently, hackers were able to breach its security and got access to millions of accounts associated with Drupal.

Therefore, being in an online industry, you should always try and safeguard your website as much as possible. And with this article, we are covering the top 5 security modules with which you can prevent such attacks, and also fight spammers on your Drupal powered websites.

User Expire

User Expire - Drupal Module

User expire is an awesome module to use. While making a website, there might be a case when some new people join your group and you assign a specific role to all of them. But later one of them left, and you forgot to block his access to the backend of the website. And in those conditions, if you use User Expire, you can easily define a specific date on which a particular user’s account gets expired, and you can stay relaxed. Additionally, you can also use it for a subscription based website, where a user gets certain access to the website’s premium area.

Secure Login

Secure Login - Drupal Module

With the Secure Login module, you can ensure 100% privacy and safe & secure login access, as it allows the user login and other forms to be submitted securely via HTTPS. This will help you preventing the transmission of passwords and other private user data in clear text. This module not only locks down the user/login page, but it also restrict the access to any page comprising of the user login block (or any other form on the website which you configure as to be secured).

For Drupal 7, this module implements the secure authenticated session cookies on the browser, which helps in preventing session sidejacking.


Droptor - Drupal Module

Are you running multiple Drupal powered websites? If yes, then the Droptor module is made specifically for people like you, as it can monitor, organize, tune and secure all your Drupal sites in one place.

  • Get control:- With Droptor, you can easily get to know the current state of your every Drupal site and its file from patches to cron to Drupal 7 upgrade readiness.
  • Get secure:- It also checks every individual website, associated with it, against a number of checklists for SEO, security, performance tuning, etc.
  • Get patched:- With this module in place, you can find the modules that requires regular updates.
  • Get optimized:- Additionally, it also tunes the pages with slow page loading speed, and consumes the least memory.

Registration codes

Registration codes - Drupal Module

Sometimes people register themselves on websites using fake email ids, and also provide false information just to get to the root of the website and see it entire business modal. But with this module the site administrator can ensure that no fake accounts can be made. As it ensures that the users can only register with a valid registration code.

Moreover, the administrator can easily generate, list, import and export the registration codes. Depending on your preferences, you can accept promotional codes, and shared private key as registration codes.

Additionally, it also comes with certain sub-modules which enhances the core functionality of this module.

Secure Permissions

Secure Permissions -Drupal Module

With Secure Permissions, you can disable your website’s user interface to create and assign roles and permissions. That’s because it’s acts as a security enhancer module for Drupal. It halts the Roles and Permissions via editing the screens, and let you handle all user roles and permissions via code. It eventually boosts your website’s security with an extra layer, as the required permissions can no longer be altered or misconfigured by mistake.

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