Drupal advantages as a Social Media Development CMS

  • January 11th 2013

Drupal CMS is known for building and designing exceptional, high quality websites. Websites based on this CMS are better in their functionality, are well structured and better in usability. Customization and development of site designs are easier with Drupal. Social Media sites like icommunity.tv, ifood.tv , Twitter are famous for their networking.

Drupal for designing social media websites has following main advantages:

  • Drupal is a complete CMS (content management system). There are separate building tools – plugins and modules for blogs, forums, profiles and wikis. Drupal is an ideal platform for including fast interactions during a website design and its development.

  • It is an open source platform and allows for an easy access to codes.
  • Drupal forum and community helps developers to have deeper knowledge and exchange of views.

  • Drupal is perfect for website design as it is easily scalable. The Drupal website can run both larger and smaller sized layout sites together. Newsletter, images, video files and forums can be built to attract a larger community.

  • SEO friendliness- Drupal CMS can easily lead to high results for website visibility, rankings and webpage attractiveness for search engines.

  • Drupal websites have content that is easily editable. Drupal provides more options to delete, add or change content for social media.

Drupal CMS for building social networked websites has become even more popular as an open source and free marketing tool. Social websites can network between different companies, online sites and collaborate with consumers/customers directly. Thus Drupal based social websites are intriguing, engaging and have opportunity to be interactive for the customers or users of Drupal as a CMS.

Drupal with a number of modules like Appbar, Invite, Comment includes the social networking web script for enhancing the role of expected social website. The genuine quality of Drupal is the ease and management of functions that Drupal provides. Within a short period of time, Drupal assures flexibility, scalability and security for the designed social media websites. By using Drupal the site would gain acknowledgement, good reputation and better presence on the internet.

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