Embedding YouTube Videos in Drupal 5, 6 and 7

  • February 12th 2013

We are all fans of good content, that’s for sure. But have you ever asked yourself what are you really fond of in any kind of Content. Yes, it should be informative, entertaining, witty so it becomes captivating. But then what is captivating? Well, let’s say, a pinch of this, a dash of that, a touch of artistry with a lovely web design and… And of course a video! A Moving picture that pulls your content out of the inertness and ushers life into it.

And what better site for it than YouTube. The most popular site for watching videos on anything and everything. It has today turned into a video store house displaying content that is used for dissemination.

And since Drupal is a choice of many individuals and organizations, developers are always trying to find ways to integrate YouTube videos into their site. A huge number of modules and ways are there that help you crack it. So if you’re using a Drupal 5, 6 or its latest offering 7 based website here are a few ways that can help you integrate it.

For Drupal 5

  • Embedding code inside the nodes :- You can start with embedding the code inside the nodes (nodes refer to the content which the users see- image, text, Video etc.). It is one of the most simple methods to incorporate YouTube video into your Drupal 5 website. All you have to do is- paste the embed codes given for every video into the body of the node. But before commencing you must not forget to keep your input format to full HTML, else the player wouldn’t be visible after you save the post.

  • Using the Embedded Media Field Module :- This is an all-purpose module that supports videos, audios as well as images. Quite obviously, it also supports YouTube along with a many other video sharing sites. It also helps you make a field by employing the Content Construction Kit, which would allow a link to the video and would turn that very link into an embedded video inside the node.

  • Using the Asset Module :- This module can link to your YouTube account through the YouTube Application Programming Interface. This would enable you to reach out to the list of videos that are already there, along with your favorites, that can be included into the posts straightaway from the Drupal admin.

Drupal 6

Apart from Embedding the code inside the nodes there is another way by -:

  • Using the Video Filter module :- This module works perfectly well with Drupal 5 too. It helps you embed a video on YouTube via a code on every post. The code is-: video:video-url

Modules for incorporating YouTube video in Drupal 6 are a little hard to find compared to Drupal 5.

Drupal 7

Drupal 7 with all its infinite possibilities, can be a little tricky in embedding a YouTube Video. Thanks to Media module & Media:YouTube module, the task looks more convenient than ever. There aren’t many explanations available about this, hence we’d give you a few steps, that’ll help you crack it. The first one is to of course install both these modules.

After that-:

  • Goto Config -> Media -> File type ->Manage file display. (Then choose YouTube & YouTube preview Image )
  • Hit ‘Save the Config
  • Include Multimedia Asset section to a content type while ensuring you choose Video along with youtube://YouTube videos.
  • You must see to it that the format is on‘Media’ beneath Manage Display.
  • Then make a Node
  • Hit ‘Select Media’ and choose ‘Web’ in it.
  • Put the YouTube url in it
  • Save the node
  • And you’re DONE!

If there are any more modules that you know of for embedding YouTube video on a Drupal site, do share the with us in the comment box below.

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