Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? Which social media platform should your business use?

  • June 7th 2013

Like this on Facebook, re-tweet that on Twitter or pin it on Pinterest… sounds familiar? These days social media is touted as the newest trend among young people to document every memorable moment of their lives. On a personal level, social media channels allow you to connect with family, friends and maintain professional relationships. However, at the business level, it is a completely different game.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, social media has become imperative to promote business online. It is an outstanding tool to boost your brands, connect with consumers and market your products and services. The benefits of social media marketing are limitless. Certainly, it is no-brainer that you should uphold your presence in the social media market to keep your business on the cutting edge.

Many small businesses have a hard time selecting the right social networking sites for marketing as they have limited time and budget. They either resort to sign up for only one or all of the social media sites to garner their advantages only to find out that their efforts are not driving desired results. To avoid this, you need to have a clearly defined marketing strategy in order to keep your business profits soaring. Wondering, which social media platform to choose as your prime battleground?

Well, here is an insight into the three most popular social media sites and guidelines on how you can use them to optimize your marketing campaigns.


Facebook is the most widely used social media marketing tool on the internet. You can set up an online Facebook page of your company to promote your business. Facebook is primarily a B2C platform that uses social graph and activities to target the exact audience who will be using your product or services. The bottom line is that anyone who likes your company page is actually interested in the products or services you have to offer and could be your potential customer.

Facebook for Marketing

Facebook is one of the easiest and most user-friendly social media platforms. All you need to do is to share your Facebook page with your friends and family and develop a large fan base. Fans of your Facebook page will stay updated about your latest offerings, current events and all the other essential information about your company. Keep on posting your Facebook link wherever you can and offer incentives to people who like your Facebook page. Use strategies like sharing valuable content with your fan base to raise awareness about your brand and stay in touch with the people who like your Facebook page. The key here is to stay active and engaged.


Twitter is a highly popular website across a broad demographic between 20 to 60 year olds. It is a micro blogging service where you can post tweets of 140 characters or less. People who are following you will be able to see those tweets. Twitter’s exceptionally simple functionality and advanced features make it the best live and up-to-date news source. It is a great way to grab reader’s attention quickly and drive them to your brand’s blog or website. It can help your brand build a large client base, develop lasting customer relationships and acquire new customers.

Twitter for Marketing

Like all the other social media tools, Twitter is a great way to direct people to your website and generate more leads. Simply create some truly compelling tweets about your organization, latest offerings, current events or anything you want to share with our prospects. You need to ensure that your content is compelling enough to make users stop by and read and do not forget to add hash tags to your tweets for searching purposes.


Pinterest is the best platform to show your creative side. Pinterest has certainly made a spot by offering appealing visual content and has become a popular traffic generator for retail brands. You can display pictures related to your products or services and organize them into categorized collections called pinboards. It is the ideal platform to highlight your company culture and personality to prospective customers just like a company catalog.

Pinterest for Marketing

If your business is visual-oriented or has anything to do with photos, videos and quotes, Pinterest can prove to be a great help to drive traffic to your website. It all comes down to the creativity and effort you put into your pictures on Pinterest. Remember, your images should be of high quality and look utterly professional.

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