Google’s Android OS vs. Apple’s iOS

  • August 29th 2012

Android and Apple iOS are both operating system, developed for tablet, smart phones and pad by Google and Apple respectively. These operating systems are widely used for various online business purposes. Many features like multiplatform applications, ability to multitask, security, connectivity and other qualities help to give extensive idea about these two applications.

Device used

Apple iOS developed by Apple and can be applicable only on Apple devices like iPod, Apple phones and iPad.  Android has been developed and integrated by Google and can be used on various mobile devices. This is the most advantageous thing that has made Android a very popular operating system over iOS.

Programming language

Android uses JAVA as a programming language which is commonly used by web developers whereas iOS uses Apple’s own language which may be known to the web developers.

Multi platform applications

Android is famous for its multiple platforms for its applications to enhance usability of mobile device which are free, affordable and integrated with Google applications. iOS does not allow other platforms for its applications as all functions are maintained by Apple itself.

Application development

Apple is restricts itself to develop other applications, so iOS uses only Apple’s application for multimedia options and security purposes. Android provides an open platform for application development and allows them to choose third party tool to enhance the features and functionality in applications.

Ability to multitask

Apple provides exclusive platform for web developers and its specific tools help to identify the potential of several applications. The Android operating system performs multiple tasks and has dynamic applications but this multitasking capacity can create problem for amateur Android web developers to understand, learn and master on it.


Apple’s operating system iOS is maintained and created by Apple and Apple’s security system and functions may not be as safe as iOS. On the other hand, Android is Linux-based operating system and difficult to hack and also sustained by the community, so it is secure for mobile device.

Multi notification

The famous and useful Android OS gives multiple notifications for text message, Facebook notification, voice message or Twitter status where as Apple’s iOS don’t give this kind of preference. iPhone users need to open the Twitter account to see their Twitter status.


The Android operating system has number of button options like “Turn on” and “Turn off” for the purpose of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. This option helps in connecting the mobile phones to wireless connection. For iPhones users, go in setting and make available this function.

Testing of mobile applications

The operating system Android offers an outstanding testing option for developed mobile applications. It helps in debugging and thorough check up of applications which are neatly indexed. Apple’s iOS don’t provide such kind of testing tool.


Android and Apple’s iOS both are widely used in this online marketing era for extensive purposes. So, understanding these two in analytic and comparative way gives various useful ideas. In this article, we have discussed Google’s Android OS VS. Apple’s iOS. Users are welcome to give their comments on this topic.

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