How a Drupal blog can attract users?

  • August 10th 2012

A Drupal blog has to work really hard to catch the attention of users to meet to its intended targets. Any blog has to rely on a combination of factors to win over the trust, interest and confidence of users. If it succeeds, success and multitudes won’t remain further. In this article, we would discuss how a Drupal blog can attract users.

By having the essentials

Every blog is supposed to have the essentials tools and elements to catch the fancy of users. When you run a Drupal blog, it should have some contemporary tools and essentials to get holds of users’ interests. Your blog should have e-mail options, RSS feeds, and integration to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. these features are necessary for better communication and smooth flow of information between the blog and users.

By choosing browser compatibility

Any blog should never focus target on a single or just few specific browsers. This tactic is a sure-shot formula of not reaching out to the maximum number of users globally. To get the best response, multiple browser compatibility should be chosen so that the blog is easily accessible by the majority. If multiple browser compatibility is not availed, only a handful of users are expected to finally stay to the blog.

By enabling convenient post commenting

A Drupal blog should always consider giving thorough convenience for post commenting to users. If users find any sort of obstructions, they won’t like commenting at all. If questions are asked, if sign up is needed, if anyhow obstacles are put forth in the way, users will never take to the post commenting which will surely dilute the aura and charm of the blog. So never let inconvenience ever come in the way of post commenting to enjoy a successful blog.

By availing the best of search engines

Search engines do have a lasting impression on a blog and makes and breaks its fortunes. If a blog is getting the best out of a search engine, it means it chances to succeed in the long run remains somewhat higher. If a blog does decide to use either a noindex metatag or deliberately restricts robot.txt file or hides the posts in a password-enabled directory, it’s bound to go off the radar.

By controlling the pop-ups

If a blog can’t control the intensity of pop-ups, its fate is steadily inching towards a troublesome future. Pop-ups do have the irksome knack of appearing from nowhere to repeatedly spoil the users’ interests. In that way, the blog is set to lose out on the potential set of users who would otherwise have stayed back for a while more. Users remain very conservative about their window browsers and any slight offence to it can damage the chances of retaining them.

By not using flash animated intro

Any blog is better off when it does not use flash animated intro before actually letting the blog appear. In this time-conscious generation, users won’t have that much amount of time to wait for the animation and hence, can switch over. So keep the things as simple as you could and never let users wait for more than the usual time. Your blog is out there to inform, not entertain and hence, let it inform as quickly as it could.

By not tinkering with the content

Tinkering with the content or texts of a blog is something not to do ever. Many a time, a blog tries too hard with the texts to grab instant attention of the users and end up a crop. Some of the big NOs for the texts are using myriad of colors for texts, getting them underlined, however partly, and letting them blink in a faraway corner of the site. When the texts are tinkered with, the blog loses the charm and appears a tacky template.

By mentioning dates to the post

Mentioning date is important as it lends a sense of certainty to the blog. If the posts are not laced with exact dates, they won’t exhibit the same charm and might look somewhat repulsive. Every post should have the date of creation so that users have the information about its origin and authenticity. So never allow any post slip under the radar without having the date mentioned for it.


Any blog can be beneficial for a business when it follows the norms. The same is true for a Drupal blog which can be a mighty beneficial proposition for a business once used wisely. This article has listed how a Drupal blog can attract users, and invites more comments.

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