How a Drupal website will benefit from social media marketing

  • May 9th 2012

In the last few years, social networks have completely changed the norm of marketing and promotion. With the user-base as massive as 800 million globally (Facebook), coupled with surging popularity, these social networks enable the best platform of growth for a business. If a business has its website on Drupal, it can gain tremendously from the growing social media craze. In this write up, we would discuss how a Drupal website will benefit from social media marketing.

By insightful planning

If a business website is run on Drupal, like any other, it has to make a proper plan to get the maximum. The business has to devise a proper marketing plan to get the right focus back onto the business besides targeting the right market. A business has to decide what kind of social networks are used, how to promote a business on those networks and whom to target, before moving further.

By running a blog

No matter what CMS is used for a website, running a blog is always beneficial for a website or business. When a blog is maintained, it works in the favor of business by reaching out to more users. Regular content updates and innovative topic selection also works in the favor of the website. A blog gets users from social networks through integration and URL sharing.

By creating YouTube videos

A business using Drupal for its website has to create short and attractive videos to benefit further. If target-oriented videos are created, YouTube is available to post them and start reaping rewards. Videos are the most preferred mode for gaining information and thus, more users would be attracted to it. In comparison to other ways, videos on YouTube are bound to catch more users and redirect them towards the website.

By leveraging the potential of Facebook

Among the available social networks, Facebook is clearly leading the pack with the maximum number of users. Right from the stage of making a profile to reaching to global users, it enables loads of benefits to a business. From creating a fan page to sharing URLs, from integrating websites to garnering reviews and feedback, a host of beneficial activities are performed to bring advantages to a business.

By utilizing the Twitter benefits

Like Facebook, a business also gains enormously when it uses Twitter for marketing purposes. First of all, a profile has to be created wherein website URLs are mentioned. By listing blog and website address, a business would gain solidly when users are redirect over there. More so, some of the biggest global brands are promoted on it, thus making it a lucrative place to do business. Frequent tweets and re-tweets are other ways to generate curiosity about the business.

Taking the most out of LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn is another popular social media platform which benefits websites and businesses very much. It’s not purely a marketing and promotion media, though enables loads of benefits to business. Professionals from all walks of life make a profile on it to target a huge pool of resources. Employers and employees apart, a Drupal website can gain enormously by creating a profile for the business.

By tapping the potential of bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites would be a great value for a business website in Drupal. A business can reach out to more and more users when social bookmarking sites are used. From sending videos to sharing photos and texts, a website can anything to connect with users on such sites. So let your Drupal website enjoy the best of marketing benefits with bookmarking sites.

By using relevant widgets

Widgets are available for various marketing and promotion purposes so that a business can gain enormously. Widgets add value to a website and a Drupal website can pick from the available lot of widgets to gain benefits. If good widgets are used in a Drupal website, a business would gain enormously in the future.


A Drupal website would benefit immensely from social media marketing when a business users good tactics and plans. This article has listed some suggestions to make a Drupal website beneficial for social media marketing, and invites users to add to the list.

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