How different types of CMS are useful for your business?

  • July 17th 2012

There are different kinds of CMS available for editing and managing of an online business like open source, commercial and custom CMS. Each CMS has their own specialty and can be chosen according to demand and nature of business to gain high ROI and sales. In this write up, we would discuss how different types of CMS are useful for your business. 


Cost is very important aspect for any business especially when you chose appropriate CMS. There are many types of CMS like open source, commercial and custom which are available at different cost. Open source CMS is free and can easily downloadable from internet. Commercial CMS is expensive, license version and used for large business where as custom CMS costs very less to manage any website. So, you can opt amongst these CMS according to nature of your business.

Business support

Open source is freely available on internet but verified, tested and proven CMS since many years, it supports your website in well versed way, but customized CMS gives you flexibility to make changes according to trend and requirements of business. Commercial CMS provides you advanced facility at paid cost but useful for large business scale.


Open source CMS provides best flexibility for your business. Open source CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Magento and others are customizable according to trend of your website. But commercial CMS is licensed and paid CMS but it is very safe and useful for your long run business. Customized CMS gives flexibility for technology, protocol and selection of technology.


Open source CMS is more popular than commercial and custom CMS. Open source is mostly used by small business and a business which needs to update information frequently according to market trends. Customized CMS is also popular as many changes can be done according to latest technology and protocol.

Work flow

Open source easily customizes each web page and custom CMS provides flawless work according to nature of a business. Commercial CMS provides readymade implementation of work and saves time.

Core functionality

Core functionality of CMS must be considered for your business. It is important to know that which CMS is best for blogging, security purpose, editing or managing the content on a website. Open source CMS is good for blogging where as commercial CMS is good for security purpose and custom CMS is excellent for technology and hosting services.

Customization option

Customization option is the core feature of CMS that must be developed to make a business flexible and popular. Open source are the best CMS which can be optimized easily at each page, where as custom CMS is used whenever a business needs new changes according to market requirements. Commercial CMS is expensive and only licensed version can be bought for customization.

Technical compliant

Technical compatibility of all CMS is another core aspect that must be considered before selecting appropriate CMS for your website. Custom CMS and commercial CMS are best from technical aspect but open source is not as technical as commercial, as it not dependable and not need any technical knowledge for implementation.


Security is one of the most important aspects that an online business searches for. Better CMS selection for a business leads to success of an online business. Commercial CMS is licensed version yet expensive but is very safe from security point of view, custom CMS is also safe as it is used according to specific requirements of a business. Open source is not as safe as custom and commercial, as it is free and available on internet.

Multiple website sustain

Multiple website sustain is another core feature that must be preferred by web developers while choosing appropriate CMS.  Open source CMS can work on each website and mostly used for small business scale but commercial CMS is used for large business as it is expensive. So you can choose different CMS according to the demand and nature of business.


Different types of CMS are very useful for an online business according to demands and need of any business. The comparative study of commercial, open source and custom CMS may help to choose the best CMS for your business. In this write up, we have discussed how different types of CMS are useful for your business. Users are welcome to give their comments on this topic.

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