How far does Drupal support HTML5?

  • September 18th 2012

With a constant evolution in the field of web technology, it hasn’t just become difficult but challenging for the web developers to keep up with the latest trends. But, with the advent of HTML5 technology, it is seen that more and more people, including website developers and users have preferred to switch to HTML5 driven sites and applications due to its vast benefits over traditional websites and native applications.

However, as we know that the use of beautiful themes and templates forms the basis of an eye catching website, thus before jumping into any kind of action, it is important for us to find out whether the open source Content Management Systems like Drupal and others, that offers a plethora of attractive themes and templates for the developers supports HTML5 files or not?

Drupal, the open source Content Management System, which is considered as one of the best platforms for designing your favorite website, undoubtedly makes use of age old technologies very effectively and efficiently for designing simple and average websites. But the CMS has lots of scope to attain perfection depending on the developing web trends and technology. But is the platform capable of supporting HTML5 files successfully due to its vastness is the question of concern. Generally it is seen that big platforms are often slow in adapting to new technologies and trends.

HTML5 integration in Drupal 8

The advent of HTML5 technology is a new milestone in the arena of website designing and development. Intensely supported by companies like, Apple and Google, HTML5 plays a vital role in making your website responsive and compatible to mobile screens as well as desktops, apart from making them functional with advanced HTML5 features. Use of HTML5 also adds to the visibility of a website by making them appear across multiple browsers and operating systems. Hence, the Drupal Development Community, has come up to staunchly support the technology with the release of a new version of its web CMS, Drupal 8, that will use HTML5 as its doctype. It is believed that the use of HTML5 technology in Drupal version 8 will open up new avenues for the developers as well as the platform as it will be equivalently visible on mobile screens as well as on personal desktops and laptops.

Drupal 8 also intends to convert all Drupal themes and templates into HTML5 files, making it easier for the software developers to develop mobile friendly websites and applications. Thus, Drupal 8 aims at bringing the technological improvement of HTML5 at your fingertips, so that one could enjoy a rich Drupal experience.

HTML5 integration in Drupal version 6 & 7

Apart from Drupal version 8, HTML5 can also be adapted in Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Although, Drupal 6 does not officially advocate for the use of HTML5 elements in its templates and themes, yet the new range of templates that the platform has unveiled can be enhanced using HTML5 semantic code into it. But the issue that arises in the process is the lack of technical support. The improvements in the templates has to be done using core applications, which is otherwise not possible without technical skills and most of the Drupal templates lacks this support. However, the solution emerges with the integration of third party HTML5 supports in the form of customized themes and modules which adds various HTML5 elements to the Drupal site.

HTML5 Drupal themes

Although the availability of HTML5 driven Drupal themes is quite scanty, yet they are all starter themes that leaves a vast scope for the developers to use their own creativity and customize it as per the requirements of their clients. Some of HTML5 driven Drupal starter themes include: Sky (Drupal 7), Plink, Genesis, Boron, Adaptive Theme, Omega and others.

HTML5 Drupal modules

Currently, there are nearly twenty six and twenty two HTML5 modules for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 respectively, some of which are still in its development process. These modules include: HTML5 Tools, Media Archive, Media Vimeo, Media Front, Video, Plup- load integration, etc.


Although a lot of confusion prevails regarding the support of HTML5 by Drupal, as each of its core elements uses XHTML 1, yet it can be said that with the use of the above third party tools development of HTML5 in Drupal 6 and 7 is easily possible and Drupal 8 too has a great future ahead in the area of mobile web applications.

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