How mobile website compatibility benefits your online business?

  • July 25th 2012

Numbers of users are accessing the internet through mobile due to availability and good accessibility. Most of the companies are using mobile device for promotional purposes and brand building, so a website must be compatible with mobile website as it needs to attract many users for growth of business. A website may loss the traffic and revenue if it is not compatible with mobile device. In this write up, we will discuss how mobile website compatibility benefits your online business.

Improve user experience

A website with good compatibility on mobile improves the users experience as mobile is small and very useful device which is popular and handy and is available for 24×7. When a user surf internet on mobile it gives them wonderful experience as they can use it anytime anywhere according to their convenience.

Involve visitors

Mobile engages the users in very efficient manner, as it is handy and personal device, so it can be used according to need of your business. Mobile engages the customers in various activities with some features like clicking calls, mapping functions and others. Mobile application has good resources of local technology to establish connection with visitors. It is frequently used for small business purpose.

High SEO ranking

A website compatible with mobile can easily go with major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and others. It also allows the listing of websites in various popular directories which help in SEO ranking of a website. The availability for 24×7 with lots of activities are noticed by robot search engines.

Cost effective

Mobile website is cost effective medium to reach out to millions of people. It is cheaper than desktop web applications as desktop application needs more expensive and sophisticated technology. Desktop required different software application to download for different platforms but mobile website allows universal browsers for surfing your website.


Mobile website has universal browsers, so it is compatible in all major cross browsers. Many advanced phones like smart phones, Android phones, and iPhones have highly developed technology with good size of display screen and resolution size. So, multiple cross browser compatibility ensures with mobile website.

Faster loading time

This is very important key aspect for a mobile website. Mobile website allows small content and image on website that reduces the uploading time of website on it. So users can experience good navigation and user friendly accessibility which leads to retain the customers for future.

Brand Building

Mobile website is good for building brand of your business as it reaches to millions of people.
This is one the major and significant features that has made it very popular amongst marketers. A marketer can make aware the users about new product in minimal time and gets instant response and feed back of customers. Two way communications easily helps in building brand of a business.

Adverting opportunity

Mobile website gives opportunity for advertising in very efficient way.  If a business has chosen Google AdWords or any other pay per click program for advertising, then mobile website will certainly show it on a website. In this way, a business can go ahead from its competitors. This promotional way of advertising is growing with fast pace technology.

Advantage with offline media

Mobile device is handy and simple device which fulfills the gap between offline and online media applications through QR codes that also can be scanned and printed by advanced mobile like Smartphone which can translate the content of e-mail, SMA, address of website and other electronic message.

Competitive advantages

A mobile website keeps your online business safe and secure and stands out from other competitors. As mobile device is available anytime and good accessibility with cost effectiveness has made it more flexible for promotional purpose.


Mobile website compatibility is essential for an online business especially for promotional purpose as it reaches to number of users in efficient way. Above described article has given extensive ideas how mobile website compatibility benefits your online business. Users are welcome to give their opinion on this topic.

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