How to add more functionality to a Joomla website?

  • May 16th 2012

Joomla based websites improve their functionality and efficiency from a number of module options. Modules (or add-on plugin/ components) can extend with parameters, new modules can be installed and older modules can be reinstalled. Newer modules with enhanced features for functionality like column cart for display of shopping items, Qlue tooltip for adding tips on article or content and many others can be integrated with the websites. These Joomla modules also include add-ons for protection, marketing ads, web design.


This module from Joomla utilizes VoIP server, where the action to perform a call back to customer’s phone number is directly available from the website. The web-call-back would include Asterisk PBX and SIP compliant VoIP Servers. With the help of this module one can easily integrate functions for call back, customized messages, date and time rules, debug information with VoIP server.

S5 column cart

The plugin module performs action to maintain display for web cart items. The display is provided within a column style format, stacking each item on top of the next one. Customer obtains a quick and easy way from the module ‘S5 column cart’, to know cart contents, editing cart contents and managing cart items.


The Joomla module for the website designed from the CMS, adds further capability to market and is an online means to integrate website for it’s marketing ads. Thus the module is enabling the website to have ads. All–in–all  the module is a working prototype.

S5 map it with google

A simple module for adding address and map application from Google maps, the module can be installed with no effective need of coding or experience. Adds a quick direction link for directing customers to store and increasing the functionality of a website.

Qlue tooltip

The module for ‘qlue tooltip’ adds a given tooltip to any given article or content. The article or content is displayed as HTML content where even the other modules are helpful. When the user needs to link text or image, Joomla tooltip displays login form from tooltip window.


This module comprises of a comprehensive set of tools where rapid development and design realization is included within a flexible web theme. This application is included with the Joomla module for admin interface, custom support, customization and configuration of the parameters. Gantry includes a flexible grid layout system, sidebar and many other built in features.

Advanced content protector

Y K Lim is Joomla development programmer who has developed the module for Joomla for protecting content of websites. A number of features for the Joomla website are included like disabling right click, immunity to the user, changing pop up error message, no restrictions within editor and similar other features.

Dione form wizard

DioneSoft Company has created this module for WebPage designing without the knowledge of PHP, mySQL and HTML. Validation of input files, editing form elements, email notifications, uses CSS3, frequent updations and has clone functionality.

S5 Image Fader

The S5 image fader module has a nice fade effect for displaying banner ads to the website while rotating the ads alongwith few other options as well. An image reflection feature that does not allow conflicts with Mootools. The module also prevents further conflict to the JavaScript libraries, templates, modules or components.

S5 Quick Contact

The quick contact for the Joomla website is a module wherein customers can get in touch with the website owner. Language settings, configuration options, emails and spam protection are the add-on features included within the module. For the user it is free and easy to acquire from the web.


Joomla websites improve in their functions by deriving efficiency & value from add-on modules. A plenty of these modules are easily sourced from Joomla website. We have come across almost 10 of these modules for Joomla.

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