How to attract customers to your e-commerce website?

  • June 18th 2012

E-commerce websites are designed for sale of product and services online. The appeal and attraction from these e-commerce sites for prospective customers is designed differently. Numerous such e-commerce websites could be successful by following necessary tips. In this article, we would discuss the tips on how to attract customers to an e-commerce website.

Simple signups

For an email signup the correct way of approaching this essential aspect is to keep it simple. This is a short and better way of gaining further leads for the e-commerce site in no time. A lengthy email signup is tedious and makes for lower customer visits. A short signup only for email and password is better.

Better navigation

Navigation for the given purchase process is very important. A new customer who wants to purchase from the site finds himself or herself with lesser options for going back to earlier page and may abandon the site. Similarly there are issues with lower number of options in navigation. The details and other information for the user must be short and follow from easily navigable webpages so that these can be added.

Sales pages

Most of the customers would dislike or hate the page for any product or sales that pops up where there is social media or networking. For a new customer the sales page other than the payment options page is a difficult page to get ready for. A sales page for customers wanting to research or have social networking might not work too well. Therefore sales page for the e-commerce site must be crafted accordingly.

Reaching out

An effective way to increase sales from e-commerce site is to obtain more reviews from prospective customers. By handing or mailing out the attractive ads and emailers to these prospective customers a site might increase its sales. Thus by reaching out to new visitors to complete reviews the site could reach out to prospective and probable customers.


Providing free products and reviews for services or goods available on the e-commerce site are part of the incentives from the website. Beginning with brand trust and identity, incentives are an effective means to bring or attract customers who know about the product or site earlier. Incentives to reviewers in form of rankings, freebies, money attract more customers to make purchases.

Search pages

An ecommerce site with options for a window to site search are easily obtaining new reviews and contributors. A site with search functionality can increase the chances of the product becoming more lucrative and popular. The e-commerce site with search options negates populist view of such sites being only product based. The search page would allow customers to gain insight into all the given varieties of products.

Website identity

Having a new e-commerce site is not the only reason for new customers for making purchases online. A new e-commerce site with a brand personality and branding worth is a key takeaway. Purchases made from the e-store allow the more prospective customers to review site. Branding and identity for the site makes purchase decision easier and e-commerce site more appealing.


An e-commerce website with authentic and original content gets known better. Similarly another site with good readable content gets more reviews and customer comments. Sites with rich content get to even larger purchases and e-commerce online rather than few sites with lesser quality content.


An e-commerce site needs to have quality in content and features to make it relevant for purchases. In this article, we have discussed the suggestions on how to attract customer to an e-commerce website. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.

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