How to get fast loading web pages for a Joomla website?

  • August 10th 2012

Having fast loading web pages is always a beneficial proposition for a website, and the same is true for Joomla websites. A website also brings more visitors and converts users into prospects when the pages are loading fast. Enhanced rankings and improved visibility are some of the benefits of a website with fast loading web pages. In this write up, we would discuss how to get fast loading web pages for a Joomla website.

Image optimization

Image optimization is a useful tactic to make a web page load faster. A website with optimized images loads quicker as it becomes lightweight in nature and occupies lesser space. So, first of all, try to make a website as lightweight as possible to perk up its loading speed.

Don’t use videos

Using videos and animations in a website is surely not a good ploy when fast page loading is needed. Even if the need be, heavy videos should be ether avoided or replaced with lighter ones. Bulky videos hugely impact a website’s speed and make them crawl, instead of running smoothly.

Use thumbnails

Using thumbnails is a good tactic to counter the threat of slow loading web pages. When thumbnails are used, instead of heavy images, a website keeps loading faster for space and bandwidth. With thumbnails, a website can deliberately replace big, bulky and troublesome images with a favorable and lightweight prop.

Data arrangement

Tabular data would be helpful to the cause of fast loading web pages and hence, tables can be created to arrange the data. The data and the content could be put together in different tables to control the overall weight. Once the weight is controlled, the load would be conducive and the speed would be favorable.

Image file management

Image file management is another useful tactic to perk up the speed of web pages. When common images files are created, it helps a website in avoiding any sort of duplication besides adding to the page speed. With common image files, a web browser would find it easier to find the stored data or information.

Switching to a new web hosting plan

Switching over to a new web hosting plan is also a good ploy to get the desired speed for web pages. If the existing server is loaded with websites, the speed of web pages of a Joomla website would be impacted negatively. In this case, either get the plan updated or choose a new host to avoid the slow speed of web pages.

Database query management

By not letting a webpage get more than the prescribed query, the page loading speed could be enhanced. The index page also works in the favor once loaded with relevant information. When the navigational structure remains sensible, it directly impacts the speed of web pages.

Sorting out code errors

Coding errors also impact a website and hence, you Joomla website would never perform to the optimum level when the code has errors. In this case, code validation becomes important to sort out error issues. Clean and simple codes are vital to fetch good speed to web pages.


A Joomla website with fast loading web page is bound to fetch good results and enhanced performance. If right steps are taken, your website’s we pages could become fast loading. This article has listed suggestions to deal get fast loading web pages for a Joomla website, and invites uses to add to the list.

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