How to make your online store successful?

  • March 16th 2012

Making online store a success is a dream every merchant owns, especially when the business has been taken to the web. If user-friendly and helpful features are added into a website or online store, success becomes inevitable. When some good futures are added, your online store can become a productive tool of gains. In this article, we would discuss that how to make your online store successful.

Adding product categories

Adding product categories to an online store is quite important to step in the right direction. When products or services are managed using different categories, it enables a sense of convenience for users when they buy. Different categories give a chance to customer for review and analysis of various products on a single click. When different product categories are available, chances of transaction remains higher for your online store.

Availability of search box

Availability of search box is yet another invaluable feature that helps online stores in a great deal. Customers don’t want to devote a lot of time either searching for products or browsing through the site. Hundreds of products, categories, sub-categories and classes can be hard to browse to find the product. In that case, search box saves not only the time, but also relives customers from unwanted searches.

Keeping smooth navigation

Keeping a simple, easy to use and smooth navigation is also an important factor that brings success to a web store. If the navigation is easy, customers are more likely to find products and services with an ease. More so, a smooth navigation helps to keep customers on the site for a long time, thus increasing the chances of more conversion rate. As a result, navigation should be hassle-free to fetch the best of results.

Product comparison option

A web store is supposed to have product comparison option to bring convenience to customers. Like a brick-and-mortar shop, your online store too should have the facility of giving up a fairer comparison results between different products. From price variance to color to other details, the comparison option would be of immense help once brought into the site. This option leaves customers with more choices and better decision making.

Putting images to products

Putting images to each and every product in the store is another judicious step that should be taken for an online store. When images are available, customers can have a better idea about the products and their whereabouts. Customers can also zoom in the products to get the complete idea about the nature of the available products. Web stores with lucid and detailed pictures of products have been found to be more successful than the otherwise.

Payment gateway option

A web store should have either a merchant account or payment gateway to instill trust and confidence in the minds of customers. A web store with secure payment gateway option is more likely to become successful than the rest. The more a web store exudes trust and security confidence, the better its prospects grow in the days to come. So always try to make your online store a secure place for easy transaction and more customer generation.

Secure transaction facility

An online store should have secure transaction facility so that customers can get trust and confidence. Either credit, visa, master or debit card, your web store should be secure enough to complete a convenient transaction. Only password-secured transaction process should be given to make the process secure. Every web store should involve authentic transaction process so that customers never feel insecure while doing the transaction.

Clear mention of privacy policy

A clear mention of privacy policy on the main page is very important so that users can get information before moving further. When privacy policy is available, customers can easily know the pros and cons of the transaction and related issued thereafter. Every customer likes to know the usages of the data and vital card information after the transaction. All such information should be clearly mentioned in the privacy policy.

Refund information

Refund information is very important for customers as the concluded transaction can pose issues later on. If the transaction has some errors and money deducted, customers can have information about the same. If the delivered product does not match the stated specifications, what would be the process of refund etc? if refund information is not clearly mentioned, it could cause a lot of issues late on for both the concerned parties involved in transaction.

Product delivery details

Product delivery details should be offered in each and every online store. What would be mode of product delivery, what would be date of delivery etc should be told to the customers. In the absence of clear cut information on product delivery, customers can be taken into confidence. So make sure that your website has product delivery information to make it a success.


If you want to make your online store a success, many features and steps have to be added to the site. Once added, these features would enhance the prospects manifold. This article has listed how to make your online store successful, and invites users to add to the comment.

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