How to protect a Drupal website from spam element?

  • April 12th 2012

Spam elements not only affect the Drupal website but it can harm online business too over a period of time. Spam elemnat usually contains harmful virus, spy-wares and other harmful spam applications which can badly affect a computer system and delete important web files too. So, a Drupal website must be protected from spam elements to make reliable, user friendly and authentic result. This article would discuss how to protect a Drupal website from spam element.

Don’t use forms

Forms should not be used on webpage as spambot easily identifies these forms on a website. The HTML forms can create lots of problem in accessing of website. Generally forms are given to make interaction with users, so it is better to give email address or phone numbers to keep in contact with your visitors. Making a spam free website increases traffic and helps in ranking also.

Use filters

Using automated and manual filters are the best idea to make a Drupal website spam free. Automated is done by computers where as manual is done by person. Automated filters catch most of the spam and needs to be updated at regular basis. Manual are better than this because a website owner knows which content ahs to be categorized in live section. So using automated filter a website can be free from spam and using manual filter a website gives authenticity to a visitor.

Use CSS and JavaScript in fool Spambots

This is another reliable as well authentic method to make a website free from spam. Spambots generally don’t read JavaScript, so using JavaScript in forms might be useful for website to make it user friendly and spam free. Adding CSS can be beneficial too to hide fields of forms. When spambots comes in existence the forms are automatically filled.


CAPTCHAs are generally series of letters that are appeared to secure a website. It is generally not readable by computers, so it is given to users, they read the strange font and fill it in the form, when form is submitted, and then website access becomes normal for visitors. This is vastly used for mainly protecting a website from unwanted spam elements.

Delete the spam

Generally when spam comes users can get to know because some of the spam comes from email address too. So a user can delete the spam mails from their mails. Apart from this they can protect their computer by deleting unwanted spam which not only protects a system from unwanted virus and spam but gives a best platform to surf the net without any technical hurdles.

Use anti spam techniques

To protect a website from unwanted spam elements, using anti spam software is very good idea. Download some paid or unpaid version of anti spam software. These are easy to installed and don’t need any technical proficiency to use it. Run it on a system and get better result. Using anti spam techniques will be beneficial for both users and administrator ends.


Using PHP can save a Drupal website from unwanted virus and spy-wares. As spambots are generally known to be very dangerous elements which take data of HTML code and save it to server and sends proxy data to users. So, make sure not to use email addresses in from filed, instead use input text box.

Use anti spam for mails

Most of the spam elements generally comes from mails, so using user friendly and strong anti spam technique helps to remove spam mails from e-mail and computer system which not only helps the users to access website but also makes ease from  administrator ends.


Spam is very harmful elements for a computer and website too, so protecting a Drupal website from spam elements creates user friendly and authentic website and helps to increase traffic. Using various methods which have been described above is very useful to remove spam elements. This article has described how to protect a Drupal website from spam element.

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