How to protect a Joomla website from spam

  • March 17th 2012

Spams are one of the most harmful elements for Joomla website and online business, it not only harms your business but also delete important files and folders from computer. Generally spam elements contain malware, virus, spyware and other virus carrying software. Joomla website must be protected from spam elements to create authentic, reliable and user-friendly website. This article would discuss how to protect a Joomla website from spam.

E-mail address with spam

Don’t publish your e-mail address anywhere on a website as hackers can use these primary e-mail ids to send the spam message to your address. Once e-mail id is caught by spammers, they will keep mailing virus elements with attachments and many downloadable items. So, after getting spam mail, it is advisable to read but not to open those mails.

Watch checkbox

Checkbox is known as a box with blank space and the caption written besides it which can ask for information like your e-mail id or name. Make sure not to click on every check box and avoid those check boxes which demands for e-mail id and descriptive information because descriptive information easily hacked on internet.

Never use e-mail address in group or forum

Spammers have evolved with special programs to hack e-mail ids from chat room, forums, blogs, community, and networks. So, always disguise your e-mail id form these kinds of group, forums or blogs. If you blog something, you need e-mail id to get other’s comments, but obscuring mail id will protect you from hackers.

Never ban specific IP addresses

Most of the spam which comes from comment spam or group, and blog spam bounce requests from other computers or servers. So banning specific IP address will not be wise decision for business purposes. By banning IP address you might prevent users comment from another site and this will be losing traffic for Joomla websites. And banning IP address will not be beneficial as many site owners use proxy servers.

Don’t allow to use HTML

Never allow your users to apply HTML or JavaScript code as they can create problem in coding and may invite spam elements too. There are number of methods to add links in website, so accommodating those functions can be useful to add URLs which can be converted into links automatically. And also converts content that starts with http:// is useful for Joomla website.


CAPTCHAs are called as group of letters that are used to protect a website. It has features like it is given to users to type in the box to secure accessing of any website. When it is submitted, a website becomes visible with easy navigation. It has been used worldwide by webmasters to give secure access to each user on their site.

Always use non descriptive form

Today, many Joomala websites are providing options for name and other information in very descriptive manner. Descriptive forms can be hacked by spammers, so avoid using forms in elaborative manner and instead use non –descriptive forms. As details on website can easily be traced, and hackers always seek for detail information, so it is advisable not to use detail information in form.

Use “Not follow” option for links

Joomla website gives option for follow links to many useful websites including social media, blogs, quality article or other interesting product information links for online promotional purposes. “Follow link” option may allow many unregistered users who can carry spam elements, so use “not-follow” option for all links may be favorable to protect from spam elements.

Run  antispam software

Run antispam software in your PC to avoid many spam elements. As many spams comes from e-mail, downloading unknown attachments or software, so if you run anti spam techniques in your PC, it will delete all the virus carrying folders and files and thus protects a system from spam elements. Also use spam filters to delete the mails so that it can be sent to trash.

Avoid carbon copy for group e-mails

It is advisable for Joomla website not to sue carbon copy to send out mails to many. It can be hacked by spammers and they can make a collection of e-mail address to send virus carrying e-mails to group of people. Instead of CC, use BCC so that recipients cannot see the other’s email address.


A Joomla website must be protected from spam elements as spam can harm small and large business and can create difficulties in navigating the website too. Above described methods in this article will give you vast idea to protect Joomla website from spam elements.

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