How your Magento website will lose its prospective customers?

  • March 21st 2012

A Magento website grows in stature when it retains the visitors and turns them into prospects. Those website which fail to capitalize on the visitors soon lose the prospects as well. In this article, we would discuss how your Magento website will lose its prospective customers.

Weak design

A Magento website with an average or pedestrian graphic design will never catch the attention of its visitors. At the same time, anything lousy in terms of design will never complement the nature of online business. A whole range of design aspects like product presentation, product classification and navigation arrangements have to be in sync with the business needs to really make an impact.


Usability would be a major factor for any website in the online business genre. If the website does not enable smooth transaction, easy checkout process and convenience of usages, it will never reach to its intended purpose. So, first of all, usability aspects of a Magento website have to be enhanced so that it meets the targets of users and business simultaneously.

Shopping hassles

A website with loads of shopping hassles will not be a favorite among the customers, and so does one seeking a hell lot of information before allowing the entry. Those with somewhat bizarre or obtuse navigation structure are even less likely to draw attention of customers. Magento websites should try to minimize shopping hassles to become a centre of attraction.

Lack of communication

A website in online domain mars its prospects by lacking in communication, as customers seek a proper guidance while shopping. Not having communication tools at each and every step is a sure-shot way of playing with the patience of the customers. After all, customers are a prospect which needs to be pampered before taking to the final transaction.

Search facility

It would be nothing less than a blunder when an e-commerce website is not provided with a search option. Customers strongly abhor searching through hundreds of categories, grids and classes to reach to the product. This kills a hell lot of time and it also poses a good question: “why would they bother to spend so much precious amount of time when other sites are taking lesser time?”

Easy navigation

Easy navigation is one of those prerequisites which easily catch the customer’s attention and force them to the website. In the absence of easy and convenience navigation, customers find it hard to get a smooth transaction. With grid navigation, it would not be easy for customers to search and find products. On the other hand, filtered and layered navigation would be good and convenient for customers.


A website should deal its customers with a great care without troubling them at any stage. Many a time, websites make a mistake of forcing customers to log in which is not a good tactic. Your Magento website should never ask either too much information of customers or force them to register. Smooth transaction is preferred by customers and too many restrictions are never a good ploy.

Checkout button

Checkout button is an essential ingredient of a Magento website to ease the process of transaction. Buyers always expect the checkout button to remain clearly visible so that the buying process does not pose any issues. A website in e-commerce domain should always ensure a sense of ease and security to customers. Not having a checkout button is one step which would definitely make more harm than expected to a website.

Unnecessary categories

An e-commerce website would indeed have hundreds of products and services with many categories. Having more and more categories is not a problem, though not arranging the products in a subtle way might confuse the buyers. Many websites create unnecessary categories to either add up to the number or impress with the quantity. Such a tactic is surely not favorable as customers never like to navigate a lot of categories.

Out-of-date information

Your Magento website would definitely lose customers when it invariably provides out-of-date information. Any website is required to update buyers about the availability of products and services. Sold out products and services should never be highlighted as they are available, as it kills the time of buyers and a kind of harass them. Only right status of products and services should be mentioned on the site, and obsolete information should be avoided.


A Magento website grows with the constant arrival and buying of customers and hence, steps should be taken to maintain this loop. If customers stop showing any interest, any website would never grow beyond a point. This article has listed how your Magento website will lose its prospective customers, and invites users to add to the comment.

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