Magento adapts HTML5 functionality for mobile Commerce

  • September 11th 2012

Magento, the leading open source eCommerce platform provider has released certain HTML5 enhanced elements for its paid Enterprise 1.12 edition and free Community 1.7 edition.  According to the General Manager of Magento, Roy Rubin,who also functions as the chief Product and customer officer of X.commerce, the HTML5 capabilities added to both the editions of Magento will now enable the users to add certain significant features like, image scaling,gesture controls, use of both  in-built audio and video capabilities  of the devices, and drag and drop facilities for shopping carts, to their mobile e-Business website, which has been developed using the Magento platform. Rubin added that addition of HTML5 functionalities will not work as add-ons, but will become an essential part for every mobile eCommerce websites in the coming future, giving an impeccable mobile trading experience to its users. He said that before the inclusion of these HTML5 powered features to the mobile commerce, the traders had to customize their websites by developing the features of their own depending upon their need.

Free Community Edition:

The Community edition of Magento, which was released in the year 2008, can be downloaded for free under the open source Lincense 3.0. The edition enables the business organizations, both small and big to manage their both front-end and back-end activities like: online shopping (front-end), maintaining stock inventory, tracking orders, sales and purchase, updating product catalogs from time to time with the arrival of every new product, promoting products, events, sales, coupons and discounts, etc.  from the back-end .

The new 1.7 version of the edition is a slight enhancement to its older one incorporating some new functionality along with fixing certain bugs that remained unsolved in its former versions. Among the major chances in the edition, the most important one is the enhancement of the back-end interface with PayPal payment solutions.

Paid Enterprise Edition:

Paid Magento Enterprise Edition, which was released a year after the release of its Community Edition is a comprehensive eCommerce solution for online business that boasts of robust customizable features and capabilities like: operational scalability and streamlining, revenue generation, full technical support,  etc., which can be available at a fraction of prices charged by its rival platforms. Supported by service-level agreementsof Magento, the edition provides world-class support to your eBusiness, boosting its revenue.

The new 1.12 version of the edition that was unveiled recently will allow the online traders to offer a more customized shopping experience to its customers. Realizing the growing trend of mobile shopping, this version of Magento edition has intended to make mobile shopping a user-friendly experience with improved payment gateway and shopping cart options. This will not only make the shopping experience over mobile devices an enjoyable ride, but will compel the visitors to complete the transaction process by purchasing their favorite item.

Mobile HTML5:

The HTML5 elements that Magento has added to enhance the mobile shopping experience for its users using both the Community and Enterprise editions will no doubt be an exceptional one, but at the same time the online merchants too will be empowered to increase the customer engagement of the site by increasing the conversion and transaction rate along with fostering brand loyalty. A mobile interface designed to integrate HTML5 is easily supported by iOS and Android driven devices across browsers like, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mobile opera and Internet Explorer.

Some out- of- the- box features that HTML5 provides for mobile optimized eCommerce site includes: Zoom facility of each product to analyze the product thoroughly by the customers before investing in it, user friendly display of search results, device specific audio and video capabilities, convenient transition of product images, enhanced display of product details, drag and drop facility of products to the shopping carts, etc.


Apart from the above features, it will also offer a multitudes of advantages for the Mobile Magento eCommerce users, online traders and developers.  Inclusion of new API with easy and quick deployment of payment gateway for mobile devices, rollback systems and backupfor the developers, while advantages for merchants include: effective communication with customers through mobile devices, improved shopping experience for customers with HTML5 supported browsers, easy conversion of sales into revenue with inclusion of advanced Visitor Segmentation, cross-selling and buying of products across the world, one standard payment gateway, auto generation of coupons and discounts, and many more.


No doubt, adoption of HTML5 capabilities to mobile Commerce will not only serve the purpose of the developers and merchants, but will also prove fruitful for the end-users giving them a new experience of mobile shopping.

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