Magento CMS for better mobile shopping experience from HTML5

  • September 28th 2012

Mobiles, Smartphones and other handheld devices are the latest in providing communications, commercial transactions and marketing methods. The viewing for a mobile user is easier due to a smaller screen and simpler display. Mobile phones can now offer to render a number of integrated commerce activities of banking, e-commerce and communications.

HTML5 is the new innovation that makes retail businesses to derive better marketing and sales. Magento CMS based websites can integrate a worthwhile e-commerce platform for the mobile sites. Store owners that utilize Magento CMS on their mobile sites can use HTML5 for better designs and effective layouts. The Magento mobile can be made cross browser compatible across multiple browsers as also include cross platform compatibility across devices like – iphone, ipad and others. A Magento mobile that includes HTML5 capabilities in their designs harbor a number of new features and add-ons following from,

  • Guidance from mobile opera and iphone browsers.
  • Swiping from product image and image zoom.
  • User friendly search and display of results.
  • Image grading video and audio capabilities.
  • Gesture controls.
  • Cross sell and up sell capabilities.
  • Drag and drop to shopping cart.

HTML5 capabilities for Magento mobile are advantageous from a number of included, typical and potential feature,

  • Lesser ownership costs for Magento mobile from including a Magento store on the mobile
  • Hassel free submissions for Magento store and e-commerce store on the website
  • Engages, attracts customers and new visitors to build mobile e-store using Magento and HTML5.
  • Thousands of colors and theme additions to an e-store
  • A seamless storefront integration
  • Highly customized
  • Multiple devices

In addition to the above features and advantages Magento is also including the following new attributes,

Advanced visitor segmentation,

This new feature from Magento drives higher conversions among site visitors to enable them to become customers. Merchants or businesses can use powerful segmentation features /statistics to target new visitors.

Expanded rule based relations,

 This includes some of the best segmentation for the customer base, flexibility for up-selling and cross-selling for building unique experiences. It also includes product offerings tailored to subsets of diverse customer populations.

Auto generated coupon codes,

Businesses can easily generate coupon codes from configurable parameters. Customizable and unique coupon codes, monitoring coupon usage and exporting codes for offline distributions is provided with Magento. Tools to redesign and customize promotional campaigns are included with better flexibility.

Multiple wishlists,

Customers can save products of wishlists within product page or cart. Also the front end placements for wishlist budget gains insight into products and overall user behavior.

Magento for mobiles, for elevating shopping behavior is now committed to continuous innovation.  For the shoppers, it includes new features of shopping carts, payment services, inventory management, SEO, tax guidance and marketplace integrations. Magento with additional add-on from customer group level pricing, expanded international currency support and price layered navigations are also provided with the new mobile experience for users.


Magento has elevated their website design features for mobile using HTML5. A number of customized add-ons with HTML5 capabilities like up selling or cross selling capabilities, drag and drop with shopping cart integrate magento mobile for an incredible shopping experience. Compatibility across browsers and devices are included with the new Magento CMS.

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