Magento Go features : A reality check

  • December 4th 2012

The firm Magento has already entered the domain of cloud computing for big and small e-store owners with its latest eCommerce outing Magento Go. Touted to be a one of a kind stopover that offers a complete solution to e-retailers, it essentially offers a complete packaged deal that can be constructed and sustained by owners themselves.

This includes the integration as well as the installation of any kinds of important software. It also takes care of putting forth the requisition of hardware apparatus that’s required to make it work.

All in all, a great idea for everyone out there who don’t have the the technical knowledge and cannot fully explore and exploit the vastness of Magento. That is to say, it’s a beginners roadmap for a perfect foray into eCommerce

A quick lowdown on its can do’s and cannot do’s -:


  • Authority on Designing Concepts
  • Has Certification of PCI Level-1
  • Currencies & Languages are supported
  • Magento’s support through various ways
  • Automatic SEO configuration


  • Designs are generally template based
  • As Magento would probably take the services of the same people for multiple projects, chances are that the end product may turn out somewhat alike.
  • The month wise and annual cost you bear may go higher than carrying out your own customized endeavor with an eCommerce developer.
  • You may realize there’s very limited scope for any further expansion.
  • You may or may not stay in contact with the ‘team’ that handles your project. No guarantees for that.

On the face of it, going for a service provider that understands the finer specifications of your design looks very exciting, but one cannot ignore the repercussions of conforming to such a convention. The fact of the matter is that no team is going to be dedicated entirely to you. As you are not the only person paying them, ergo, their focus is bound to be divided into several other products. So, the motivation factor is certainly questionable.

Another possible situation would have the utilization of design templates to better the pace of the general construction for every project. But, in a standstill development scenario such as this, developers build up a framework and use it for every client; as that surely helps the organization to reduce their time and expense.

The Impact

All this might be detrimental to Magento’s clean image. MagentoGo has to do better in more ways than one to prove itself as a better contender. As a display of lesser creativity and innovation in MagentoGo would eventually wear out the interest of people who had once heralded Magento as a stupendous platform.

A case in point could be the colossal eCommerce firm It is as much due to smarter selling strategies and innovative thinking that they’ve reached such a state. MagentoGo would find it quite challenging to deal with this.

Besides, when the time arrives to broaden up the site, one would have to switch over to a (bigger) standard platform.


Like mentioned earlier, MagentoGo is a fine concept. An apt solution for novices and for those who lack the right amount of funds to design their own venture.However if you’re already familiar with the tricks of the trade and looking at a bigger canvas for serious e-retailing, then it might not be your cup of tea. As by not taking the MagentoGo route, you may well be assured of having the aesthetics of your site according to your taste. In fact one can drive the development team according to his/her own vision. After all, these creative differentiators do matter a lot, when viewed from a customer’s perspective

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