Magento Go Templates for Elegant and Inviting eStores

  • September 18th 2012

If you are an entrepreneur and wants to boost your online business by attracting the maximum number of your target consumers, then it is essential at the outset to get a well designed and eye-catching design, using attractive contents, colors and designs, so that it pleases the visitor and at the same time serves their purpose. A well crafted website design that reflects the brands and the products in your eStore is bound to leave a certain impression on the minds of the visitors.

Magento Go, one of the preferred eCommerce platforms of the small and emerging online business owners, has a number of free and premium themes categorized under categories like: General, Fashion, Beauty, Gifts, Auto, Home, Electronics, Food and Beverages and many more to suite your purpose. The highly customizable themes and templates by the platform enable you to create the exact and accurate design that you have been craving for highlighting your web store. A professionally designed website theme and template by Magento Go is easy to install and is sure to create elegant and inviting eStores so that your customer remains glued to it.

Given below are the list of some of the premium Magento Go themes and templates, widely preferred over the free ones as these comes with a highly customizable add-ons for a better browsing experience. All these themes and templates have been developed to meet the standards of Magento programming practices and are built on 100% open source. The themes are easy to install, comes with an inbuilt PSD source, lifetime bug free guarantee and provides a 15 days money back guarantee.

  1. Top Performance (Category: Automobile): Available for the USD 149 at Magento Go Store, the template contains a plethora of dark hues creating an ambience that symbolizes valor and power. With 15 days of money back guarantee, the template provides a unique and stylish look to your eStore with some striking features like: inbuilt PSD Source, SEO friendly, highly customizable, minimum installation time, completely developed on open source, Magento Programming practice compliance, New products displayed on the homepage, easy navigation with top menu bar, applicable for multiple businesses and a high loading speed.
  2. Top Performance

  3. Furniture Store (Category: Home): With its out of the box design, and wood like background, the Furniture Store theme affixes innovation and creativity to the template making it a perfect one for stores dealing with modern furniture and beautiful house decorating products. Available at $149, the template highlights every new arrival on its homepage with an easy navigational menu above the page. Others features of the template includes: PSD source supported, product slider at the product page, easily noticeable shopping cart, high speed page loading, SEO friendly, etc.
  4. Furniture Store

  5. Spring Store (Category :Electronics): With soothing and professional color scheme, the Spring Store template emerges as a perfect one for store that sells a wide range of electronics items or software items. Compliant to all the features of a Magento Go template Spring Store is available at the cost of $ 149.
  6. Spring Store

  7. Hi-Fashion (Category: Fashion): With the combination of red and grey hues, the templates comes alive making your eStore magnificent, elegant and memorable. This attractive and luxurious template is an ideal one for businesses promoting and selling fashionable attires and accessories.
  8. Hi-Fashion

  9. HelloSonar Go (Category: General): Ideal for any type of stores, HelloSonar Go gives a simple and elegant look to your store highlighting the products efficiently and thereby boosting the sales of your eStore. The template also allows the consumers to share their favorite products with their friends and loved ones through a network of social media.
  10. HelloSonar Go

  11. EM Go Socola (Category : Food and Beverages): Perfect choice for stores dealing in food and beverages EM Go Socola template can be used for selling goods like chocolates, drinks, baked items, gifts, etc highlighting the new items with a product scroller and promotional banners. The template is packaged with an easy to use user guide with information about the extensions and its installation process.
  12. EM Go Socola


However, in some cases, only applications of Magento Go themes and templates are not enough, but customizing a Magento Go website with extensions and add-ons too can create the magic for the consumers. The user friendly and highly cross-channel compatible extensions, themes and templates, available at reasonable prices can provide the customers of your eStore with an impeccable experience of e-marketing.

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