Magento goes for a Web Host Partner Program

  • November 6th 2012

When it comes to open source eCommerce platforms, it doesn’t get any bigger than Magento. It is known for offering countless extensions, community support for creating small, medium or large eCommerce stores. It serves over 125,000 online retailers around the globe and is supported by a number of solution partners and 3rd party  developers.

Web Hosting Partnership

Even though Magento had been functioning in tandem with web hosts for a long time, it came up with its web hosting partner program officially, only recently.

On 16th of October 2012, Magento brought out the specifications of its hosting program and declared its first platinum partners together with Nexcess, Peer 1 as well as Simple Helix.

Magento believes its new program would bring in enhanced quality across its environment and make sure merchants get the best experience with the eCommerce platform with their hosting provider.

During an interview with an online publication,  Jeff  King, the Senior Director of Platform Partnerships in eBay opined that Magento had been thinking about it for quite some time. He pointed out that the quality of the platforms, the system Integrator partners along with the ecosystem are the key factors for Magento.

Besides everything else, this is a small part of what would be done to ensure quality throughout the ecosystem.

He further iterated that a partner such as Peer1Hosting is a sound example as to why the program was brought into existence.

Also, the eCommerce giant wants to ensure that while you’re making use of Magento, you’re positioning it exactly where it’s most optimized and provides the best experience to the user. Citing a few examples he added that the trend has been such that people functioning with Magento’s platinum partners find themselves more successful as compared to those who don’t.

A peek into the History of Magento

Magento was acquired by eBay during 2011, and is currently serving over 110,000 sites across the globe, assisting online retailers making their business grow.

King also added that Magento was seeing a tremendous growth prior to eBay’s acquisition and now the firm is only trying to amplify it further in every way possible.

The program is aggressively trying to find fresh web hosting partners and has already got this program in huge demand.

He also said that the firm is making sure that the very best lot gets to join Magento so individuals get to follow the best practices in Magento hosting.

A lot of other requisites, that are not just technical are being looked at by the eCommerce giant prior to getting anyone on board.

He, further commented that multitudes of host providers provide Magento. They are so many that it’s difficult to identify any single one, as Magento is free for one and all and people use it across the globe.

Magento is also of the view that the need of the hour is to strengthen the industry and zero down on quality when it comes to eCommerce.

Wrapping Up

Through this partnership, Magento is aiming at the betterment of the environment for web developers to take the product to greater heights. It is also looking at a very classy incorporation in PayPal and eBay, hence there are loads of products that Magento feels would merge up due to the providers who’d offer high quality.

To be connected with Magento’s web hosting program is meant to bring out specialty and offer something different to the marketers.

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