Magento goes hand in glove with HTML5 for Mobiles

  • October 12th 2012

What HTML5 has done to the industry is nothing short of remarkable. And though it hasn’t come into its full swing till now, the open source conglomerates and many other applications’ providers are already taking the HTML5 route.

Right after taking wings during early 2011, HTML5 became no less than like a movement and is anticipated to get bigger than imaginable, in the coming future.

And one of the most recent entrants to join the HTML5 bandwagon is none other than the open source eCommerce corporation Magento, to elevate its mobile commerce experience.

A unit of eBay Inc., Magento eCommerce has come up with capabilities based upon  HTML5, the newest edition of the programming language.

The word on the eCommerce street is that Magento’s upgraded potentialities are all set to make mobile retailing flourish. It would be armed with enhanced  product searches and cross-selling attributes.

Insider’s Speak

This latest integration with HTML5 would be served to the users on its open source community edition  as well as its (licensed) Enterprise edition, and is exclusively worked upon to facilitate online marketers garner better returns on investment. Aptly put forth by one of the insiders, “Magento is already such a dynamic medium and it has embraced HTML5 with open arms. This shows its preparation for the times to come”.

Director of a prominent firm ,‘’ that functions on Magento’s Enterprise platform, Ben Skigen had opined that Magento’s usage of HTML5 would help build a more conducive environment to work on most of the prevailing browsers. Also, going in sync with the HTML5 would enable e-retailers to cut across the browsers of the multitudinous handheld devices which do not support Flash. As being an online Imaging technology, Flash isn’t supported by a majority of Apple’s devices like iPad, iPhone et al. And this need would be readily fulfilled by the incorporation of HTML5 into it.

A brief list of functions that Magento Mobile would have are-:

  • Scaling of Images.
  • Device-exclusive Audio/Video functionalities.
  • Easy to use, Search and Result display.
  • Dragging & Dropping of products onto the cart
  • Inclusion of Upselling and Cross Selling
  • Product images could be swiped and zoomed
  • Browsers on iPhone, Mobile opera and Android would also be supported

Advancement in Magento’s eCommerce

Besides the aforementioned capabilities, Magento’s eCommerce platform is all set to benefit a lot from it. Like from now on, (for the Enterprise Edition) sections of buyers would be targeted according to their shopping patterns and demography. ‘Coupon Codes’ would be generated automatically on the basis of the shopping patterns of the consumers (for the free and Enterprise editions, alike). The customers can now go ahead and build a wishlist, without hindrance for the Enterprise Edition as well.

All this was declared by Magento during the 2nd Annual Imagine Conference which had happened in Las Vegas. Roy Rubin, Magento’s General manager and Founder, had mentioned during the conference that in the coming times, they are anticipating many more enhancements. They might even include certain Development Partners. Some of the Technology partners they’ve joined hands with already are Avalara, that has AvaTax application which incorporates with Magento to calculate sales tax; Fanplayr, that offers e-coupons and games that are utilized in social networking sites and e-Dialog Express, which belongs to eBay’s GSI commerce


All this heralds the beginning of a new Magento mobile; in which the incorporation of HTML5 is going to play a big part.

Magento’s gamut of capabilities has already expanded. This certainly showcases that it would not trail behind in this burgeoning HTML5 environment.

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