Magento: Integrating e-Commerce data with Online Marketing

  • May 16th 2012

With soaring transactions of products and services through web stores, it has become difficult for many e-businesses to survive in the cutthroat online market.  In order to make an impact on the minds of the e-clients’, it is important for an e-business to embellish his/ her web store by developing an attractive and easy-to-use e–commerce interface.

Magento, the coveted open source e-commerce web application of the world, serving more than 110,000 merchants over the internet with its impeccable services can help one to get a professional, integrated and attractive transactional website. Magento Go, the hosted e-commerce solutions by Magento for ‘small business with big ambitions’ offers the power and flexibility to host design and market one’s online business at a price that any business can afford. This platform has been trusted by many of the world’s most respected brands.

Today, online marketing has become the most popular means of advertising a business. It not only saves time and effort, but also generates huge revenue. Hence, all the major industries have taken to online promotion of their products and services. It is one of the cost efficient means of promoting the products that earns you the lion’s share.  However, with the Magento platform, now it has become possible to integrate the data of an e-commerce business with the online marketing platforms providing him/ her with solutions like, the shopping cart abandonment and others that drive revenue to one’s e-business.

Magento has joined hands with one of the major online marketing organization of the globe, Bronto Software to accelerate the revenue growth of the online business owners. The alliance will now provide the online merchants with an integrated solution for driving revenue with data-driven email, mobile and social marketing campaigns.

The combined power of both the platforms can be availed by the online merchants as three different add-ons that will offer solutions such as, shopping cart abandonment, Recency, Frequency and Monetary analysis and email marketing opt-in optimization.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

When a cart is abandoned in Magento, a message or a series of messages are triggered off automatically in Bronto with the integration of the Bronto Shopping Cart Abandonment. It allows one to personalize and populate these messages with customer data, product data, cart items and more, for the highest conversions possible.  No doubt, using a shopping cart data from Magento will drive highly targeted and relevant campaigns in Bronto, but at the same time, it will also manage a set of capabilities allowing planning, design, execution and analysis of revenue-generating marketing campaigns. It also gives an insight to improve the programs necessary to drive more revenue.

RFM Data (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value)

The integration of Bronto RFM Data allows one to use buyer behaviors, preferences and purchase-related data from Magento to create contact segments that drive highly targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns in Bronto. Like Shopping Cart Abandonment, this feature also allows to manage a set of capabilities with an insight to modifying the necessary programmes essential for driving profits.

Email Marketing Opt-In

With the integration of Bronto Newsletter Opt-In one can automatically activate contacts that opt-in on one’s Magento site in Bronto, so that he/she can start engaging with them immediately, without any manual synchronization. This lets you grow your marketing database quickly and efficiently. The Newsletter Opt-In integration is free for download to all Bronto customers and does not require any technical assistance, while the Shopping Cart Abandonment and RFM Data integrations are installed with the help of the Bronto Professional Services team.

No doubt, integration of all the above features will lead to higher conversions and revenues, but its full suite services will help one to realize the value of Bronto and Magento. It will also enable them to get a feature-rich, multi-channel marketing platform for the price of an email marketing solution, and grow with it at one’s own pace.

With these features, it will be easier for the traders to integrate and support the relevance and authentication of their email, mobile and social campaigns with the valuable data that will be simply available from the Magento e-commerce platform. This alliance will not only prove to be a beneficial outcome for the online traders to generate enormous revenue, but incorporating dynamic data will also demonstrate  as well as an influential way to engage customers. The joint venture will also provide remarkable opportunities in making marketing communications more personal and relevant.

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