Magento vs. PrestaShop: Most popular e-commerce platform on twitter

  • April 23rd 2013

If you are thinking that Magento is the supreme king when it comes to E-commerce platforms, you would have to think again. Magento, being a highly versatile and robust e-commerce content management system, is a choice of CMS for many online store owners and e-commerce web-developers. However it is not the only complete CMS out there and there are many other options available that are direct completion to Magento. PrestaShop is one such CMS and currently is the closest competitor of Magento. PrestaShop is currently powering more than 130,000 shops where as Magento is leading with a little more than 150,000 shops. However the battle is not limited this turf. The same level of competition is visible in twitter accounts and popularity of the two CMS.

Twitter account of PrestaShop is more than a year younger than Magento’s twitter account and thus ha a lot less followers than it. The same goes for the total number of tweets. But the engagement rate and the number of tweets are on par with Magento.

Both these software are open source and are available for free (community edition of Magento). However Magento is still ahead in terms of popularity than PrestaShop. The reason can also be attributed to the fact that Magento is also actively promoted by both a commercial organization (Magento Inc.) and open source coders, where as PrestaShop is promoted by only the open source users and coders of PrestaShop. Because of this the number of Magento followers is nearly thrice the number of PrestaShop followers on twitter.

But the competition is still not over and there is still some fight left in PrestaShop. However it would need a significant innovation and a lot of effort in marketing if it needs to compete with the likes of Magento.


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