Magento’s latest ‘endeavors’ for Entreprenuers and Developers

  • June 28th 2012

Of late, Magento-the wonder tool for setting up eCommerce/Online stores has undergone further enhancements at the Imagine eCommerce 2012 conference. It announced a variety of technological updates for entrepreneurs as well as developers to render a smoother, much improved experience to the customers.

The fresh capabilities have been bestowed by Magento in many forms like  HTML5 for Magento mobile and Paypal payments by incorporating them on the current editions of Magento Community (version 1.7) and Magento Enterprise (version 1.12).

The higher management of Magento was heard saying that – right from browsing, to checking out and further- has been revamped. The entrepreneurs can now get ‘it’ converted into sales much more efficaciously.

Features in a nut-shell

With Smartphones rapidly taking over computers, today a phone is like to a Shopping Mall in one’s pocket. And Magento has once again made shopping even more compelling.

The latest contributions on versions 1.12 and 1.7 of Magento Enterprise and Magento Community respectively comes with, gesture- based controls, multi-touch and image-scaling as well as with audio and video enhancements that are customized for  particular devices.  Besides, other extra elements would boost search and result display, dragging and dropping of products to the cart, seamless zooming of the image of a product, better display of details, besides cross selling and up-selling  features.

Apart from this, the extremely customizable HTML 5 themes would support iPhone, Android in addition to the Opera Browsers for mobile.

For PayPal, there’s a mini business product suite which would be incorporated with Magento to aid entrepreneurs contend in the emerging multi-channel space where the distinction between online and offline business no more exists. The gateway provided by PayPal gives enterprisers a method for transacting through Mobile instruments  as well as for physical transactions.

PayPal’s Existing Ways

PayPal is popularly available in three tiers, PayPal Standard, Advanced or Pro and PayPal Express. In each of these tiers you get a complete suite for Payment solutions such as-checkout (which would be optimized by itself for mobile transactions) and convenient to use invoicing and the capability to allow credit cards from a mobile instrument and also a debit card to give instant access to cash with 1% cash back on every purchase.

The Standard Tier proffers you a zero set-up or monthly price. Besides the rates are low beyond doubt-like 2.9 % and $ 0.30 on every dealing.

Including PayPal and Google Checkout, Magento’s offerings has over 700 third party extensions for payments.

Being primarily filled with HTML5 abilities, there are other updates for Magento, like-


  • Advanced Visitor Segmentation-This empowers the organizations using Magento to get better conversions from fresh visitors to the website that aren’t customers yet. The business owners would now have an advantage and can better classify  (according to the pattern of ingredients on the cart along with viewed products) and lure the visitors.


  • Auto generation of Coupon Codes- It presents the entrepreneurs an ability to create Coupon codes, monitor their usage and export them for offline circulation.This helps them in streamlining the promotional campaigns as well as to combine offline integrations, resulting in further expansion across several mediums.


Apart from the above there are Multiple Wishlists, Backup and Rollback, Add to Cart by SKU, Expanded International Currency support  and certain other features that are made available.


Magento’s relentless efforts (with the help of  its highly motivated network  of developers) would  provide innovative eCommerece solutions  and keep it in the forefront of online business; at least for now.

It is with efforts like these, that online buying has reached such an evolved state and opened up newer horizons for buyers/sellers alike.

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