Mobilizing Responsive designs with Mobile Joomla

  • April 15th 2013

Joomla being one of the popular open source Content Management Systems, a large number of web developers make use of it. But, with the ever increasing trend of mobile browsing, considerable attention is paid to mobile website development along with websites for desktops. Such layouts are known as responsive designs. Therefore, the Joomla community too has decided to venture into a Joomla project exclusively for mobiles called, Mobile Joomla. Mobile Joomla is a comprehensive project that provides high end Joomla extensions for mobile users with some amazing Joomla themes and templates. Freely downloadable from the World Wide Web, Mobile Joomla is compatible with all the major Smartphones. So, whether you use a Nokia Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry device, Android device or a Windows Phone, you can now beautify your Joomla website on your mobile device with elegant Joomla templates in the snap of a finger.

Necessity of Mobile Joomla

Use of Mobile Joomla would take your website to an altogether new level with its great features.

  • Easy installation and simple Setup:- For installing the Mobile Joomla, one does not need to be technically sound. Even a person from a nontechnical background, can easily download the software from the internet and follow the embedded instructions for its easy setup.

  • Extensive support for mobile devices:- Mobile Joomla provides extensive support to any kind of mobile device, be it a tablet, Smartphone or a notebook, of any brand identity. Mobile Joomla ensures that your Joomla site looks beautiful on your device. Along with this, the application also provides elegant content adjustment rules and formulas, high-tech device finding techniques, etc. so that the users can have a customized experience of the application in their respective devices.

  • Highly customizable with advanced settings: – As Mobile Joomla is especially meant for a professional use, an individual can customize it to a full extent using the advanced setting option, so that the responsive design looks highly sophisticated yet professional on any mobile device.

Some of the advanced customization options include: –

  • Eliminating the ‘Read More’ button and the Comment link:- There are many websites that contain blog posts and articles with Comment links and ‘Read More’ buttons. But when these sites or blogs are converted into its mobile version, then these buttons and links might not work well. So, Mobile Joomla provides with an option of removing these links and buttons from the mobile version of the website using mobile CSS. Removable of these links and buttons will provide a cleaner and a sophisticated look to the entire website, pleasing the visitors. But now the question arises that with the elimination of these button, how can we read the full article? Well, Mobile Joomla is equipped with a solution for this as well, where by clicking on the title of the article readers are directed to the page where he/ she can read the entire article.

  • Doing away with double title:- While clicking on the Title of an article, the title might appear twice in the mobile version if the users turn on their setting configuration one on the menu and another on the full view of the article. This bug can be fixed by visiting the PHP/ HTML files of an exclusive template that’s only provided by Mobile Joomla.

  • Custom modules and themes:- Mobile Joomla boasts of a responsive mobile template called Elegance.The template is well supported by CSS3 and HTML5 elements along with certain state-of-the art-modules. The template enables the developers create modules for Smartphone and iPhone devices, which are not applicable on any other standard template design.

    The elegance template is elegant enough to provide the users with an extraordinary responsive design for their websites. It is highly customizable with features like, six different color schemes, use of five different AJAX transitions for page navigation, 9 different positions available for customized modules, SEO friendly, use of customizable logos with a header, etc. The theme is compatible across all browsers and operating systems and adds soul to a website.

  • Wide range of extensions:- Mobile Joomla has not limited itself by providing an all encompassing template to its users, in fact it has gone a step further in providing a wide range of Joomla extensions for its mobile users like, kunena Forum mobile extension, YouTube Mobile, login mobile, content filter, mobile Joomla club, search mobile, Google Analytics mobile, Adsense mobile, Google Maps mobile, and many more.

Thus, one can get a highly responsive design of his/her mobile website by using the mobile version of Joomla, Mobile Joomla.

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