Mozilla’s Operating System on HTML5 : building standards of mobile marketing

  • November 6th 2012

New operating system from Mozilla that was announced earlier in the month of July 2011 would be designed using HTML5 to introduce better relevancy and innovation for mobile marketing. Its release is believed to take place in the early part of 2013 in Brazil.

The Smartphone market that hitherto relied on using other marketing channels can unlock potential marketing opportunities. Guided by a cost effective platform to build low priced handsets, Mozilla’s operating system would be a product that’ll be favored by many marketers. This operating system would render Smartphones to be as effective as other high end products in the market from a lower cost. The growing popularity around Mozilla’s operating system will add to its mobile driven marketing strategy. It has a new feature where it can provide high quality content from other systems to become easily replicated on a cost effective basis.

Mobile Based Marketing

Marketing for devices like mobile phones involves sending messages to a customer mobile through cellular device for promotions and coercing them to visit a particular website. A few of these techniques include (MMS) multimedia messaging service, (USSD) unstructured supplementary service data, Bluetooth, Wireless or Infrared, social media and mobile applications. The medium of mobile marketing is a direct one using low cost, easy customization and better tracking methods.

Mobile marketing is a convenient platform for most marketers. Use of social media as also pay per click advertising are the emerging new trends. Mobile marketing depends more on how effectively the subscriber database is handled. The mobile marketing basis is more relevant when not compared to other marketing channels. Mobile marketing ensures there are better results from deploying the right technology. These mobile marketing features are location specific and interactive, they extend the promotions to a wide audience. Thus advertisers or promoters for a brand have opportunity to cater to a mass market.

Mozilla’s Operating System

Building upon the OS from Mozilla, it offers a better control over the device like Smartphones or Mobiles. HTML5 is one such technology that has gathered more apps. like experiences in the mobile web environment while one might not need to rework on their pre-established app engine. This new operating system is again more well equipped for marketing strategy using the best methods both economically and from an organizational basis.

Using HTML5 the mobile operating system clearly makes the way ahead from lesser limitations with users obtaining a direct connection as well as control over how it can be affected. Marketers utilize and can influence their advertising as a direct voice of the much needed promotion. The manufacturers of the mobile handsets would eventually utilize this operating system for multi-channel marketing to expand further.

The carriers to the support for the Operating System are Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor, Etisalat and Deutsche Telecom. These carriers from the marketplace intend to break the ongoing stranglehold from Apple and Android on the Smartphone market.


Business marketing methods are evolving from an increasingly network centered to becoming network indifferent. This new operating system from Firefox based on HTML5 would allow better control over applications and provides control over the lost margins as well. Enhancing the development of Smartphones affects consumers that are cost conscious. Thus, the new operating system is beginning to influence carriers or service providers to enlarge their opportunities in mobile marketing.

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