Navigation types for a Drupal website

  • April 24th 2012

When it comes to navigation, a Drupal website is no different than the rest. A visitor can browse through the site easily and effortlessly when the navigation is simple and hassle-free. There are different types of navigation for a PSD to Drupal website, and this article would list some of important ones.  

Search Navigation

In search navigation, a visitor has to use the existing search box option to find the stuff. This method is suitable for both, inter-site and web search. Depending on the need, anything can be searched either from within the site, or from the huge database of the net. Search navigation is a simple form of search and features in the majority of websites.


With sitemap, a visitor easily gets an idea about the pages, content and available texts in the website. Using site is not only a popular search option for visitors, but also for search engines. A website with sitemap gets more favorable rankings and enhanced visibility than the rest; search engines prefer to crawl and index a website which has a sitemap.

Horizontal Navigation

In horizontal navigation, visitors often search and wade through with the help of icons, links and texts placed horizontally in the site. As soon as the site is entered, flashy icons or links would be visible on top to take one through the site. It’s one of the most popular forms of navigation of a Drupal website.

Drop-down Menus

With drop-down menus, a visitor easily finds the intended products or services in the website. This type of search option is used when categories and subcategories are needed to be placed rightly. The best part of drop-down menus is the ability to put elements of websites in both ways, either horizontally or vertically.

Tabbed Navigation

With tabbed navigation, anyone can get hold of more information in a limited space. In other word, this form of search option is used by websites to manage the overflow of information in a limited space. Using it, a website spreads same type of content in many web pages to save the space. The best part of tabbed navigation is its ability to lend both forms of search options- vertical and horizontal.

Guided Navigation

E-commerce websites or online stores often use guided navigation to let visitors browse through hundreds of thousands of products in different categories. In this form of search, visitors are easily guided through the different sections, categories and sub-classes to reach to the intended targets. Filters or lists support visitors when this form of search arrangement is offered.

Tags Navigation

The majority of blogs and news websites use tags navigation to let visitors or readers search the site. In this form of search, keywords are used to create tags which, later on, are flashed in different textures, colors and shapes to ease the search. These tags are clicked onto to take visitors to the intended content or information sought.

Vertical Navigation

With vertical navigation, blogs or websites put icons or text links vertically for easy and effortless search for visitors. Either left or right sidebar is used when vertical navigation is enabled for search. More so, no visible restriction is realized for the number of links or icons used in this form of search option.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is deployed when visitors are allowed a chance to shift between the sections of a web page. More so, this form of navigation enables keeping a tab of the places left behind to move towards. If visitors want to navigate from section to section within a page, breadcrumb navigation has to be present in the site.

Footer Navigation

Footer navigation enables ease of site browsing by being at the footer of the site. It means, this form of navigation ensures that icons or links to be put in the footer for the ease. More so, the same type of arrangement would be available for visitors right through the site.


A PSD to Drupal website will have almost the similar types of navigation as the rest. With good navigation, any site can enhance its reputation and number of visitors at the same time. This article has listed navigation types for a PSD to Drupal website, and invites users to add to the comments.

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