New standalone video players from HTML5

  • November 14th 2012

HTML5 is the latest version of the hypertext markup programming language for designing webpages. Video players made from this markup are available free on the web, along with an simple customization. Few of these new HTML5 video players are standalone without including any other additional hosting services. They provide an excellent video quality and are differently configured.

JW Video Player


The JW Video Player can manage both Flash and HTML5 rendered modes for playing video content. Javascript interactions, plugins support, handles codecs like H.264, WebM, MP3, FLV, YouTube video playlists and images are the important functions that it supports with ease. The pricing for three plans-free, pro and enterprise is not just affordable but also gives the option of pay-as-you-go rates.



Flowplayer is the open source video player. Exquisite in design, streaming of video content between the player and a server while allowing sharing of files, HTML playlists, iOS devices with modular architecture and a timeline based hopping are its features. This player also combines the elements for site analytics for the video player alongside plugin support with help for JQuery tools. The latest version of Flowplayer is 3.2.9 along with an active support from the community. Enables enhanced feature of Adobe flash, javascript and more advertising options as well.



SublimeVideo video player includes comprehensive support, consistent user interface, flexible integrations, fast with instant set up and with universal real time stats. The video player has three plans –free, plus and premium with inexpensive monthly rates. This is a consistent video player for allowing Javascript and support for the latest platforms (devices) like Android and iPad.

Kalthura Dynamic Player


Kalthura dynamic player for video playing is highly flexible with different set of components. Media player allows an easy integration for third party flash components along with remix features, dynamic layout and skinning system as well. KDP is easily configured using an xml file, extra data are passed on using the flashvars and to propagate all the widgets embedded from the current distance also. The media player ensures that the components utilized enabling the creation of pluggable and robust designs of the video player.



A different approach to media player, the Media element includes the only HTML5 Media Element API from Flash and Silverlight plug-in. The player features HTML5 audio and video players in pure HTML and CSS. This player has the accessibility standards for WebVTT, consistency for a fully skinnable player, full screen video and ambilight.



A simple video player, flare video combines HTML5 with Flash fallbacks, full screen support, freely available for commercial support. This includes the CSS/HTML/JS customization and theming for the video player.

Leanback Player


The lean back player is a Javascript based HTML5 video player. This is an easy to integrate media player, 100% skinnable by using CSS, independent of other Javascript libraries and adaptable by integrating with the extensions. It has a multi language support from use of Javascript, personalized logo within videos viewport and is a completely free or open source media player.


Some Video media players made entirely from HTML5 are open source and others have simple payment plans. These standalone video players enhance quality of media players with plenty of features, from plugin support as also installed components. Every media player is versatile with a large number of supporting extensions and formatted uniquely for effective customization. The most popular of these video media players like Leanback Player, Kalthura, Media element, JW and others are effective while also showing consistent standards in CSS and components.

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