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  • June 18th 2012

We know that Drupal as a CMS is a great choice to give you plentiful options for constructing a website. At some point or the other, you must have wondered about making your portal stand out of the crowd. Well, Drupal’s very many modules bring you ample options for just that. And now to make life further easier, it makes use of practical examples with Packt’s most recent Drupal 7 Book to build Drupal 7 websites.

A new book on Drupal 7 by Packt has just hit the stands this month. The title of which is ‘Drupal 7 Development by Example Beginner’s Guide’ . An example filled guidebook for creating Drupal based sites, it’s dotted with several pragmatic, engrossing examples on Content Management on the internet, multi-media incorporation while also explaining eCommerce with Drupal 7. Moreover, the book aids you in uncovering significant concepts pertaining to HTML5 besides assisting you in learning certain key patterns for AJAX and JavaScript in Drupal 7.

One of the most respected Open source, PHP Content Management Systems of the present day, Drupal is behind the success of millions of websites. Boasting of certain big organizations (such as- The Economist, MTV, london. gov. uk, The White House, as well as plenty of applications.

All these websites are enough testimony that Drupal is constructed, used, supported by a dynamic and varied community of users across the globe.

What the Book Contains

The book consists of a number of coding examples to aid readers, aspiring developers to acquaint with Drupal 7’s multitudinous constructs that are necessary and helps them in continuing to build fully functional, completely able Drupal portals. It demonstrates at length, the art of extending the CMS along with the front-end code by employing Ajax, server side PHP and jQuery. It also explains the way to incorporate HTML5 properly, while including in its scope -responsive Web Designing and the very up-to-date and dynamic- CSS3. While covering all this, the book also encompasses the finer nuances of multi-media and eCommerce.

Chapter-wise Dissemination

Like any informative and elaborate guide, the book commences with building up an effective Drupal Environment, which is succeeded by topics on the kinds of custom content as well as chapters that initiate you into module development. Later chapters consist of an introduction to develop Drupal 7 themes, how to render arrays, lending media to the site and much more. The final chapter is on Testing, so you can put your code through an easy Test.


Needless to mention, the beginner’s guide is for individuals who are really inclined towards constructing eCommerce websites using Drupal 7 CMS. While it is a self-explanatory text, it does require the readers to have some previous experience of creating websites, in addition to having some idea of HTML coding and of jQuery also. The book is easily available in print and also as an ebook on renowned websites and stores .

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