Smartphones with HTML5 mobile apps for shopping on the Go!

  • November 6th 2012

Applications influencing the online purchases by consumers through a mobile are outstanding in their performance. The need for mobile shopping is a big leap from the consumers’ regular buying habits and is fast becoming a starting point for shopping. Cutting across regions and cultures, the growing need of shopping via Smartphones is going to be a trend to watch out for. Smartphones clearly give the opportunity to the designers to design better shopping applications. Recent researches have shown that during June 2012, half of the Smartphone users in the US (to about 50.3%), had used mobile shopping applications. It also threw light upon the fact that about 48 million Smartphone users who had shopped through mobiles was close to 17 times (per person) during the month of June.

Growing affinity with HTML5

Smartphones users have begun to realize that a well-designed application makes for a better shopping and online purchase. Applications using HTML5 are similar in functions for BlackBerry, iPhone, Androids etc. Out of everything that’s being shopped using HTML5, gaming and multithread applications are at the helm. Many more of these applications based on markup would provide a better utility for users. This is so since the browser based applications neither needs to be installed nor they need to be upgraded. It is seen that users’ largely look for the latest version of their application for Smartphone.

Local storage and application cache along with the mobile browsing applications would not require a constant network access. A better interface with displays from Canvas, new multi-threading applications have made HTML5 the developer’s choice and one of the best in shopping applications. These apps would first detect the user’s choice of store with a welcoming message as also have a list of all offers from that store. Shopping carts and payment methods are provided with a mobile application that also includes a Direct to Home delivery for the user. Applications for shopping have released newer versions and added to their capacity using the following procedures.

Techniques for HTML5 based application

Mobile shopping from applications using HTML5 is formulated with the following important API’s (Application Programming Interface) and threads:-

Database API

Database API includes three different features for Application Caching, Web and Data storage. Offline application caching helps the developer to decide parts of the application to get cached and those that do not. Web storage allows application to store data locally from key value pair structure. Database storage includes storing of complex data structures than other key value pairs.

Canvas API

Using the Canvas API one can easily integrate the bitmap graphics element into the web document as well. Canvas use case for gaming is one of the better ones.

GeoLocation API

Using Geolocation API one can enter coordinates of any device into JavaScript in an easier way. API for Geolocation must be an embedded one from the GPS functionality and can be used for Android, iPhone or Symbian’s browser’s support.

Worker Threads

A developer applies worker threads for running JavaScript’s in the backgrounds. Web workers might not have a function for better processing, yet would allow responsive user’s interface on a mobile phone.

Most of the famous applications using HTML5 have integrated functions like the following:-

  • query Mobile– a unified user interfaces.
  • Sencha Touch- comprehensive User Interface library, extensive data package and touch event management using CSS.
  • Sproutcore- open source for web and mobile applications.
  • Jo- A lightweight framework for browsers and devices.
  • Worklight- is a mobile application platform with utilities and mechanisms.
  • Konyone- multichannel mobile applications for all browsers.
  • Qlictech– mobile Business Intelligence application.


Smartphones and devices for a delightful shopping experience need to have a reliable application. Apps for Smartphones that are made from HTML5 have a better user interface, utilities for events and other effective features. These apps are popular and have integrated functions. Jquery Mobile and Sencha Touch are popular apps for smartphones.

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