Top 10 Modules to Increase Drupal Functionality

  • May 2nd 2013

Creatively developing your business site from the user perspective for functions of access, communication, business and much more is possible from extensions and plugins available for the purpose. Drupal websites need to increase the depth and quality of it’s functions. These modules allow and render the site more user friendly and enhance functionality. While the site is having these modules, it becomes that much dynamic and robust. In this article we discuss the top 10 modules for increasing Drupal functionality.

Menu Block

Compatible Up To version7

Module for the Drupal site which can increase functionality is the Menu Block. It is configured from blocks of menu trees. The menu block starts from any provided menu level. Similarly, the menu levels can be increased from any given level. Therefore the site integrated from the module allows integration of site from menu arranged from block menu trees.


Preview For Menu Block Module

EVA: Entity Views Attachment

Compatible Up To version7

Entity Views Attachment or EVA in short, is a View Display plugin plugin for Drupal through which the developer can attach any output View to the content of any Drupal entity such as body of a node, user profile, page listing, etc. You can also reorder placement of the view in the entity’s content through this plugin.


Preview For EVA Module

String Overrides

Compatible Up To version7

The module for String Overrides provides a quick way for replacing text on site. The features that distinguish the module are – easy replace, locale support (overriding strings in any language), migration (from the locale module). The module was originally written by Rob Loach.

Preview For String Overrides Module

Better Formats

Compatible Up To version7

The module has been prepared for creating more flexibility for the Drupal’s core input format system. Many features within the module increase the functionality – hiding format tips, hiding format selection, controlling allowed formats and so on. This module increases the flexibility in the manner by which the input fields get formatted.


Preview For Better Formats Module

Organic Groups

Compatible Up To version7

This module can build communities from specific issues and causes. It can maintain public and private issues. Similarly the groups can have subscribers and each of the subscribers can communicate with the landing page provided from the module.


Preview For Organic Groups Module

User Points

Compatible Up To version7

The given module provides API for gaining or losing points within the interactions or actions to the site. From the site module the user can accumulate and power the actions on the site like commenting or moderations. Integration of the site from this module involves rules, views and services. Also provides detailed reports and various block displays. Khalid Baheyeldin is the author and writer for the module.


Preview For User Points Module

User Badges

Compatible Up to version7

The module for the user badges integrates site where each user is provided ‘badges’ which are displayed as a series of iconic images. Various roles and assignments to badges can increase the functionality – admin, linking URL, incentives etc.


Preview For User Badges Module


Compatible Up To version7

The given module ubercart is an ecommerce suite designed especially for Drupal. It is made with the end user in mind. This module has been found to be useful in three main areas- store configurations, product and catalog creation as also order admin. On both front end and back end the site can be integrated easily with the module. The module is effective for stores selling goods and products with a check-out functionality.


Preview For Ubercart Module


Compatible Up To version7

The module is a top notch module which offers easy modifications with standard Drupal registration and login functionality. The feature for login and function of entering the site are standard measures which need to be brought together in the module. Therefore this module is the best and highly rated among the top 50 that are used in the Drupal website integration.

login toboggan

Preview For Login Toboggan Module

Facebook Connect

Compatible Up To version7

This module for the Facebook Connect API allows users to enter their Facebook login, password and connect to the Drupal Website. Customized messages, logging in and also entering the user account to the Drupal site is possible from this module.


Preview For Facebook Connect Module


Drupal websites can be integrated with the above modules for increasing functionality. In this article we have discussed the top 10 modules for functionality. Readers are invited to submit their comments and views.

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