Top 5 Multilingual Modules for Drupal 7

  • May 24th 2013

A website is something which is accessible worldwide, and what all a user needs to access any website is just an internet connection. But this also something which also proves to be a barrier in making business relationships with people who don’t speak or know your official language, which could be English, French, Spanish, Hindi, etc. as a website is generally made in a specific language. However, to counter this problem, many companies have started to launch their websites in multiple languages, which eventually costs a lot. Considering this problem, many developers have built some exciting Multilingual Modules for Websites that are powered by Drupal. And here with this article, we will discuss the Top 5 Multilingual Modules for Drupal 7.

Entity Translation

Entity Translation is a great multilingual tool as in Drupal 7 it brings the capability of entity/field translation for the new translatable fields. In other words, it allows the users to translate the (fieldable) entities into multiple languages.

Language Switcher Dropdown

This is a very simple Drupal 7 module, which makes a new block that is identical to the Locale module’s default Language Switcher block. With its new block, a user can switch to his preferred language by selecting it from a Drop-down list rather than using hyperlinks. The best part about this module is that it can also be integrated into the site even if the Language Icons module is already present.


GTranslate is one of the most popular Drupal modules for providing translation capability on a website. That’s because it uses the Google power to translate websites. With this awesome tool, a site owner can open his website’s gate to almost 98% of the entire internet users, as it can translated the web pages in 58 languages.

Drupal Translation

With Drupal Translation, translating a website into any preferred language is pretty easy, and quick. Once you integrate this module with your existing or upcoming Drupal site, you can easily offer your users with a facility to translate the web page content at their will, they can even nominate a specific content that they believe it requires a professional translation, or they can even offer to translate a particular content themselves. All your visitors can do these tasks without leaving your site.

TranslateThis Button

It is a lightweight JavaScript based translation widget, which is capable of translating any web page instantly using technologies like Ajax and the Google Language API. When you install and activate this module on your website, it will add a small button on your website with which a user can select his preferred language out of 52 languages used globally.

Additionally, once a visitor translates any of your web page, and moves to another page on your site, this module will also translate that page automatically. At any time a user can opt to discontinue the automatic translation offered by this perfect translation module. Moreover, from the admin panel, you can also de-activate the automatic translation functionality.

If you have ever used any of the above mentioned Drupal modules on your website, you can share your views or feedback with us via the comment section provided below. Additionally, you can subscribe to our blog to know more about Drupal, its modules, and tutorials.

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