Top 5 responsive themes of Drupal

  • February 2nd 2013

Drupal is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) available on the Internet It’s used by large scale organizations and personal bloggers alike. It is fast, secure, highly customizable and is available free of cost, thanks to a big hearted community of open source developers. Because of these open source CMSes like Drupal, anybody can create a basic functional website and make it live on the internet.

Currently, we are seeing a changing trend in the way people access the Internet. As the popularity of Smartphones is increasing by more than 50% per year, the internet usage through Smartphones relative to Desktop and Laptops, is also on the rise. So, if you want to maintain the number of viewers of your website, it is important to create a site that could be viewed optimally through any kind of device.

To create a responsive website in Drupal, the most efficient way is to use a responsive theme, preferably one that has both fluid and fixed grid designs. There are a number of free and paid themes available on the Internet. Unlike WordPress, most of these free Drupal themes should be properly customized to give it the desired look and functionality. But even that has been made relatively easier in Drupal 7. As through Drupal modules you can easily customize your site. So the only challenge remains is to find a responsive theme that is compatible with Drupal 7. To lessen this difficulty we present you top 5 Drupal themes that are responsive, customizable, compatible with Drupal 7, and are absolutely FREE.


The most downloaded and the most installed Drupal theme of all times, Zen is the prime choice of every Drupal programmer for making a quick responsive site. Zen is a theme of choice for every beginner. The theme comes in two variations, a strict XHTML compliant version and a HTML5 version. Only the HTML5 version is responsive. The theme uses SASS/ Compass plugin (an advanced version of CSS), Internet Explorer 8 support with optional support for 7 and 6, has swappable layout, and Drush Support. The theme has a responsive 2, 3, and 5 column fluid grid design and has an integrated RTL language support.

Zen Drupal Theme

Download Zen Drupal Theme

Reported installs :- 102465 website are using this theme or a variation of this theme,

Downloads: 861,017


Again , one of the most downloaded Drupal themes, Omega is the prime choice of every Drupal programmer for making a quick responsive site. The theme is used by many renowned brands and organizations for making their website such as, Fox News magazine, & Guitar, to name a few. The theme is built on grid standards with a fully responsive layout. It comes with XHTML and HTML starter kits to make a subtheme through omega. It can integrate with a specialized module named Omega Tools, through which you can instantly create sub themes that are based on Omega’s main theme.

Omega theme comes with comprehensive online documentation for installing and troubleshooting, and has a very active support forum. It is also updated very frequently therefore you will surely find an updated version of the theme whenever Drupal is updated.

Omega Drupal Theme

Download Omega Drupal Theme

Reported installs: 50674 website are using this theme or a variation of this theme,
Downloads: 324,583


A theme that is most used as a base to make other themes, Adaptive is an actively maintained responsive theme. Made with HTML5 and responsive JavaScript, Adaptive is made with efficient design to facilitate cross browser compatible and mobile device compatible Drupal websites. The best feature about this theme is that it integrates with Browscap module through which you can un-set or move features blocks to different regions of the screen. This is especially useful for moving unimportant information down the screen when your site is viewed through a mobile device. The theme utilizes Drupal_static and caching techniques to speed up the page loading and page rendering. Search engine optimized, having pluggable layout system, and integrated with SASS, Adaptive is very good theme for making responsive websites especially for beginners.

Adaptive Drupal Theme

Download Adaptive Drupal Theme

Reported installs: 40867 website are using this theme or a variation of this theme,
Downloads: 293,570


Fusion is responsive, clean, light, and simple theme that is based upon 960px fluid 12/16 column grid system. It only works with Fusion Accelerator module. The theme is heavily used to make advanced Drupal themes as it is highly configurable and has a simple cross browser compatible and mobile device compatible layout. Because of its default block style, the theme can be easily configured to integrate similar features in menus, callout texts, footers, lists etc. The theme comes with three versions, Fusion basic, Fusion Starter, and Fusion Starter Lite. The last two themes are great for making subthemes.

Fusion Drupal Theme

Download Fusion Drupal Theme

Reported installs: 31013 website are using this theme or a variation of this theme,
Downloads: 352,982

Corporate Clean

As the name suggests, Corporate Clean is simple, light, and clean responsive theme that is suitable for making attractive websites. It comes integrated with a Color module that gives it advanced color customizability. The theme also has support for Superfish module, which links with the Color module to create impressive multilevel drop-down menus and backgrounds. Corporate Clean also has a built in customizable Jquery Slider and has Breadcrumb display.

Corporate Clean Drupal Theme

Download Corporate Clean Drupal Theme

Reported installs: 17775 website are using this theme or a variation of this theme,
Downloads: 83,182


Even though using these themes drastically reduces your website building time, they are a little difficult for beginners. But that is common with everything related to Drupal and once you have mastered Drupal, creating functional, secure, and attractive websites become a piece of cake. However it requires some patience and practice to master Drupal. So if you have a shortage of time in which you want an efficient Drupal website, you must contact the professionals.

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