What to do before making your Joomla website live

  • March 30th 2012

Before making a Joomla site live, there are a range of activities that have to undertake for maximum benefits. If such steps are not taken, and the site is made live, the kind of expected gains would never be gained. In this article, we would discuss what to do before making your Joomla website live.

Check broken links

Broken links must be checked to save the site from potential losses. You site will have many broken links that might have passed undetected. Rather than doing it manually, many online free tools can be used to check broken links.

CSS validation

A website with CSS validation is not only meant to perform better, but also remain secure. Every Joomla website has to pass the laid out norms of standardization to be labeled a good website. Free tools are available for validating the CSS of your website.

Inserting sitemap

A Joomla website with sitemap is supposed to offer favorable rankings and online visibility than the otherwise. If your website does not have sitemap, many potential benefits would be missed out. After all, search engines and visitors both prefer a website with a sitemap.

Multiple browser support

Is your website not getting open uniformly in popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera? If such is the case, its access would remain very limited to the extent of losses. Before making the website live, check its code to confirm the availability of multiple browser support.

Multiple Operating system support

Is your Joomla website not compatible with some popular operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux etc? If the site is supporting either of them, not all, users would never benefit in this situation. It’s suggested to get the website checked before launching it to have the multiple OS support.

User tracking application

If the sole purpose of your website is visits and visitors, it must have use tracking application in place. Once such applications are installed, webmasters can have a good idea about users’ movement and tracking patterns inside the site. This application enables a set of valuable data that can be worked upon to get more visits and visitors.

Server speed

A server which does not offer viable speed, proper space and security is not worth having at all. If the server is overloaded, hosts dubious websites and hardly offers needed bandwidth, it won’t help the site at all. So before launching the site, check the essentials of a server.

Uptime & downtime

Any website would gain when its uptime is higher than the downtime. When constant downtime is recorded, a website loses its prospective customers and visits. Before making the site live, you have to check that the server offers the minimum possible downtime.

Faster page load

A website’s page loading speed must be checked before placing it on the web. Its flash designs, animations and video files are all checked to minimize the possible load. An overloaded website won’t perform as better as a lightweight one will do.

Meta description

If rankings and visibility is the sole concern of your Joomla website, its Meta description has to be corrected. Few catchy and concise words/ texts can be used for Meta tags or description to transform the SEO prospects of your website.

No copy & paste

Before launching the site, check whether the available content is fresh or not. Copy & paste job would lower the rankings and hence, you have to avoid duplication of content. Inner pages too have to check for copy & paste job.


Before launching, you have to analyze the site for copyright problems. Many websites have been found violating this issue quite often by posting a range of content from others sites. Images, texts, logos, ideas etc, you don’t have to copy and paste in the same form.

Contact details

Before launching a website, its contact details must be checked properly. A range of contact details have to be given, like contact forms, e-mail address, phone number etc. lack of contact details can severely hamper the prospects of a website and hence, such details must be properly checked.


A range of steps are required before launching a Joomla website to get the maximum out of it. This article has listed what to do before making your Joomla website live, and invites users to add to the comment.

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