Why Android is used for mobile device?

  • August 23rd 2012

Android is an operating system from Google which is used in various mobile devices to provide advanced and customized features so that online business can reach maximum number of users. It is free, affordable, secure, personalized with multimedia applications. There are other features like Android applications can be installed very easily in mobile and used for many business purposes.

Available from open source

Android is available from open source that is it can be freely downloaded from internet and can be easily installed in your mobile. You can download it for brand building and other business applications as it is easy to use and don’t need any technical proficiency while using. This operating system can also be modified according to one’s business requirements.

It is affordable

Android operating system is used for mobile devices for multiple applications. It is available from open source so it is affordable in comparison with iPhone. It was acquired by Google so many Google applications could be integrated in it for various business applications. A number of mobile phones can run on this operating system.

Rich multimedia option

The operating system Android provides many multimedia applications on your phone desktop. Media features like audio, Images, videos, chatting option, camera, can easily be accessed from a mobile using Android. It adds many widgets to phone desktop like Twitter widget for Twitter status, messages widgets for e-mailing and people widgets for different contacts.

Google integration

Android was acquired and developed by Google in 2005; so many Google applications can be integrated into it. Google applications manage your account very well and go hand in hand with G-mail services too.  If you want to search Google, then use your string and go for the information. It also adds Google’s voice in Androids phones.


There are endless possibilities with Android phones that iOS cannot provide phone users. Android phone users can customize the applications according to their requirements. There may be several screens for different applications like if you use social media networks then there different screen for Facebook, Twitter, and message text. And if you want to use it for business purpose then there can have options like calendar, e-mail, contacts and RSS.

Good for business purpose

Owing to multimedia applications and customized features, Android phones have been widely used for business purpose. You can contact your customer from anywhere anytime in this world and also gets immediate response from their side. Android lets you configure business applications like e-mail, RSS, different contacts, calendar, adds defaults actions and desktop widget. With iPhone application, you are provided with limited facilities in your phones.


Android is Linux- based operating system and Linux is very difficult to hack, so Android is very safe for mobile devices. The operating system iOS is secured and managed by Apple’s own security system and applications may not be as secure as iOS operating system while Android’s security is managed by its community, so it is very safe for any mobile device.

Android market

There are number of Android applications available in Android market which are free, works well and can be used in your mobile device whereas iPhones have very limited applications and managed by Apple. Installing these Android applications are very easy than iPhones, as it doesn’t require new password for every time while installing new application, just fill information on Google market and done with the applications.

Multi notification

Android provides you access of applications with multiple notifications system. In iPhone, if you want to see Twitter updates or Facebook status, then you need to open Twitter or Facebook account but Android gives you notifications for various updates and status and sends all reports to the phone users. These notifications could be as text message, e-mails, Facebook notifications or voice messages.


Android gives you many “Turn on” and “Turn off” buttons for connectivity of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile network. These buttons facilitate to switch on or off according to connectivity options which also helps in conserving the battery life of phone. For iPhone users, you need to go into settings to facilities these options.


Android operating system is used in mobile for various business purposes as it gives customized and advanced applications to make an online business available for 24X7. In this write up, we have discussed why Android is used for mobile device. Users are welcome to give their comments on this topic.

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