Why Magento is used for e-commerce?

  • June 5th 2012

Magento is one of the most important CMS that is available from open source and well appreciated by web masters across the globe owing to its efficiency and functionality. Magento is most popular CMS that is mostly used for e- commerce websites. Magento provides customized solution without any technical hurdles, so it has been well appreciated by webmasters across the world. There are so many factors behind using Magento for e- commerce website and these are described as follows:

Data store capability

Magento is capable to store huge data, since e- commerce websites have many pages to display products. Magento easily manages huge data and manages it in very efficient way. It is capable to store URL of different websites from backend. Owing to its customization and huge data store capability, it has been well appreciated by site owners and webmasters.

User Interface

Magento has user interface system which easily updates information about billing and shipping of products. Everything is managed from blackened so that customers can surf the pages without using refresh buttons. Data is managed in such a way that provides interactive and user fervidly platform for customers.

Shopping Cart

For an online store, shopping cart is important part which is provided on each e- commerce website. Magento is the one the best CMS which is used for shopping cart, because it is very secure and maintains privacy of the websites. Magento uses holistic approach in developing and designing of a website for commercial purpose.

SEO friendly

Magento is SEO friendly and helps in top ranking of the websites. It is very important for an e- commerce website to attain top ranking to sell online and for making high revenue generation for future business growth. SEO makes an e- commerce website very active and accessible, and Magento helps in SEO ranking of websites by providing customized solution.

Customized layout

The layout of an e- commerce website can be customized according to requirements of customers. The CSS and .PHTML can also be edited to offer unique look of a website. By providing customized options, content of an e- commerce websites can be edited to provide active and communicative pages for customers.

Layered Navigation

This unique and core feature provides technical ease on e-commerce website and provides layered navigation. This helps customers to filter the search option in an easiest way. Suppose a customer wants a bag in specific color, shape and size, then he can type that specific color and size and get information about desired product.

Cost effective

Magento is easy to use saves time and money and also a user friendly CMS. It is available from open source and can be easily installed. The web development and designing is possible, when Magento is used for online stores. It is even cost effective in comparison to third party software service provider.

Payment gateway

Magento is the only one CMS which is integrated with payment gateway mode on e- commerce websites. This makes payment mode very easy and free from any technical hurdles. Magento e- stores provides unique features like; integration with Amazon, Google check out and other sites. Owing to its unique feature, it is well demanded by webmasters across the globe.

Market benefits

An e- commerce website needs promotion, marketing, integration, customized solution to spread awareness about brand. Using Magento CMS makes an online business trouble free and reachable. Positioning of products in most attractive and simplest way is possible by using Magento CMS. Magento templates are available from open sources for various industries and can be customized according to user’ needs.

Analytics and reporting

Google analytics provides huge data storage of customers and other information. Customer’s information can easily be integrated by using this amazing tool Magento CMS. Magento can integrate customer information with different websites and use it for further important process. Integration of customer database and information is easily executed by Magento CMS, because it has enough capability of data storage.


Magento gives best solution for an e- commerce website owing to its technical benefits. It is one of the famous CMS which is hugely used for development, maintenance, editing, hosting of websites to provide custom made solution to the customers. This article has given idea about Magento’s benefits and its wide use in e- commerce website.

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