Will your Drupal website benefit from sitemap?

  • June 5th 2012

Sitemap benefits every website on the web, and offers enhanced rankings and visibility to each of them. Without sitemap, a website is still able to get rankings, though not as higher as meant to. Search engines crawl websites more when sitemap is available in them. In this write up, we would discuss will your Drupal website benefit from sitemap.

Easy reference

When a sitemap is available, the website enables an ease of reference for visitors to get an idea about the content. Rather than wading through the web pages, visitors would be better off only stumbling on the sitemap to get the complete picture. More so, the site could be reached through immediately from the sitemap to add to the ease factor of visitors.

Easy navigation

A website with sitemap enables ease of navigation to visitors of all hues to fetch convenience of search. Rather than going through the whole website, visitors can easily reach to the intended point in a click. More so, the sitemap can be the perfect location for every visitor to go through the location of preference within the site.

Enhanced indexing

A website with sitemap is bound to witness enhanced indexing from major search engines. When updates are done, it gets the attention of search engines to crawl the content. With sitemap, any website gets the opportunity to add to the indexing opportunity for higher rankings. So it seems, a sitemap would be a good bet for a Drupal website.

Improved rankings

Search engines show a preference towards websites with sitemap installed as the contents are easily available to them. Keywords are put to create links which work in the favor of the website. Search engines crawl websites where a reference point is given in the form of the sitemap. As a result, get a sitemap on to see improved ranking of the website.

Page-addition tool

A sitemap can also work as a page-addition tool to help with rankings and visibility. Either users or search engines get a fair bit of idea about the content of the website through the sitemap. So when new pages are added, the sitemap would be the first one to get the information in this regard. If anyone does not update the sitemap, it surely loses out on ranking benefits.

Growth of traffic

A sitemap is a wonderful source for growth of traffic on the website. Due to time-saving ability, visitors firstly visit the sitemap before proceeding further down in the site. If relevant links are found in the sitemap, a visit becomes almost a reality. So sitemap drives traffic to the site by insinuating right messages. Not having a sitemap is missing out on the chance to let visitors slip away without staying on the site.

Advertising tool

Sitemap can work as an astute advertising tool when taken in use the right way. First of all, it imparts a fair bit of idea about the total pages, content and updates of the site; secondly, in enables a chance to chalk out plans in way to accommodate one and all pages of the site. If used rightly, a sitemap could be a wonderful advertising tool with range of benefits to accrue.

Specific information

A sitemap helps visitors to seek any specific information in fairly quick time. When a sitemap is available, visitors can easily reach to the intended information within the set time limit. The absence of it makes one and all go though the entire websites to get the needed stuff or information. It means, a sitemap brings focus which can be leveraged by visitors for fetch enhanced rankings to the site.


A Drupal website with sitemap is more likely to have higher rankings than the rest. So it would a better ploy to have the sitemap to bring growth to the site. This article has listed benefits from a sitemap to a Drupal website and invites users to add to the comment.

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