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  • Magento: Integrating e-Commerce data with Online Marketing

    With soaring transactions of products and services through web stores, it has become difficult for many e-businesses to survive in the cutthroat online market.  In order to make an impact on the minds of the e-clients’, it is important for … Read more

  • Underlying strengths of Drupal as CMS?

    Drupal CMS community has ensured guidelines and rules to standardize ongoing projects and development activities. These principles of site support, quality coding, best practices, procurement and risk assessment are important for validating and supporting community projects. Though a large number … Read more

  • How a Drupal website will benefit from social media marketing

    In the last few years, social networks have completely changed the norm of marketing and promotion. With the user-base as massive as 800 million globally (Facebook), coupled with surging popularity, these social networks enable the best platform of growth for … Read more

  • How to protect Joomla website from hacking?

    With thousands of websites and online applications, Joomla is easily considered one the most popular content management systems around. With so much popularity and a massive user-base, Joomla has to come good on the expectations of the users. If security … Read more

  • Navigation types for a Drupal website

    When it comes to navigation, a Drupal website is no different than the rest. A visitor can browse through the site easily and effortlessly when the navigation is simple and hassle-free. There are different types of navigation for a PSD … Read more

  • SEO tips for Joomla

    SEO is a driving force that brings in a range of ranking benefits to create a distinctive identify of your website or online applications. If you’re using Joomla CMS, steps have to be put in to make it more search … Read more

  • How to protect a Drupal website from spam element?

    Spam elements not only affect the Drupal website but it can harm online business too over a period of time. Spam elemnat usually contains harmful virus, spy-wares and other harmful spam applications which can badly affect a computer system and … Read more

  • Benefits of Joomla CMS for business websites

    Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) extensively used for a range of websites and online applications. From among the available free CMSs, Joomla stands out for premium features and unmatched flexibility. With loads of extensions and easy … Read more

  • Drupal Modules for easier content management

    To easily and effectively run a website, its initial setup and configuration has to be managed. If a website is easily set-up and configured by even a minimum technical knowledge, it would be easy to use and simple to manage. … Read more

  • What to do before making your Joomla website live

    Before making a Joomla site live, there are a range of activities that have to undertake for maximum benefits. If such steps are not taken, and the site is made live, the kind of expected gains would never be gained. … Read more